Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just wanted to stop in a say hello to everyone! Of course I haven't taken any pictures and up loading them my prove to be a challenge anyway. I have been here on the ship for about a week and am doing ok. I seem to have caught what we call the crud. Everyone gets it at least once.. I just wish that it would go away.. LOL.

The guys in the shop are great. They are all personable and seem to all get along. There are a couple of bump on a log type guys but they don't seem to affect the others. The bump on a logs are pretty senior so if they haven't figured out how to deal with things there is nothing that I can do to help them.

If you haven't noticed with the help of jen I put a counter until I am home on my blog. Of course its not completely accurate but I cant really make it that way either. I just left a guess as to when we may be home.. things are always subject to change.

I brought crossstitch kits out here with me but have yet to sit down and break one out. I guess I am being a bit lazy. I think about them all the time but never have one with me when I have the time or motivation to do it. My plan today is to go back down to my rack and get a couple of the little ones and see how far that I can get. I want to try to keep doing some of my crafts otherwise I think I will feel overwhelmed when I get home.

Its actually funny Keith talks to me about setting up a quilt frame at his house so that I can sew when I am at his house. Things there are great he and I email everyday and he sent me a voice message on the computer today.

Well I am going to get going. I have a couple more things that I need to get done and then I am going to head to chow and settle in for the night. Take care everyone!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well as everyone knows I was supposed to fly out to the ship on June 26th. That didn't happen due to weather in other parts of the world I was put on hold until the 1st of July. I was supposed to be flying out at the crack of dawn this morning but found out Monday that I will be here waiting for a flight.. I am supposed to head out this weekend I am still waiting to find out when I am supposed to leave.