Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well as much of an update that I can give at this point because I have no idea what is going on. In the past month I have been back and forth to San Diego to countless dr's appointments for my arm. I don't know if I mentioned it but it has been bothering me and during deployment it got worse. Navy medical decided to sent me to medical board but before that they have put me limited duty not able to deploy. Sounds great right? Not so much... Keith, my kitties, all my things, and my life are here in Lemoore and though were not sure yet... I have been told that they are going to transfer me with out any of the above listed things to San Diego. I'm not sure what to do at this point.. just thought I would let you know why no one hase heard from me in forever.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend update

Well the weekend isn't over yet but today is going to be almost over before I even get started. I have the evening watch so I'll get home about 0800 or a little after and will nap since I only napped for about 3 hours before heading to work at about 2300 on Saturday.

All in all it has been a productive weekend. I had to go into the base Saturday morning to pick up one of my kids from restriction. Hes glad to be off restriction and I will be glad to have him back in the shop.

After that I went back and rolled keith out of bed and convinced him to go to breakfast. We ate at a place called "The Country Waffle" it was yummy. Then we headed to the hardware store to get some plastic and then out to my apartment to continue the chore of packing everything up. I am a bit frustrated having to pack up all my crafts and fabrics and having to put them in storage but Keith has promised me that it will only be for a little while. I'm sure that everyone can agree that putting your fabric in boxes where you can't see it makes it hard to look at it and then be creative and use it.

So we packed up alot of my pattern books, fabric and other crafts. Put the sewing machines and some other various things in the truck and still had room. After a few minutes and some discussion we decided to just take the meows up to Keiths.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but my apartment isn't comfortable or safe anymore and adding my medical things in to it and long hours at work it just made sense to move into town. After several months of discussion and some changes in situations we (Keith, George and I) decided that it just made sense to move in with each other. He actually lives in a 4 bedroom house in Lemoore with George who recently seperated from his wife. We have all talked about things and they are ok with the meows and everything. No more having to ask Keith to drive 30 miles to feed them while I have to make the trip to San Diego for the doctors and they will get attention while I am at work because the boys are home when I'm not. The boys are awesome.. most nights they have dinner ready before I get home so we eat and then I head to bed, George took my car and put tires on it a few days ago because he didn't want me to drive down to san diego on the tires that I had.

So the meows moved to a new home (again). They really like it already.. Lilly is all over the place making friends with everyone.. Louise has climbed all over Georges room and explored everything. Thelma well I don't know what the difference was but at the apartment she was very flighty and would even run away from me. Trying to get her to come out from under the bed while Keith was there was like pulling teeth. With in about 30 minutes she was out checking out the new litter box.. and peeking at Keith from around the corner. Before leaving for watch she climbed on the bed and let him pet her and a while after I was gone he texted and said that she climbed on the bed and curled up on top if him... I don't know about you but that tells me that there was something about the other place that scared her. Keith is excited he seemed so hurt before because she wouldn't come out while he was there.. and now she curls up with him while I'm gone. Its such a relief to know that the girls like them and are ok with the move.

Well I am off to work on my to do list for tomorrow and see what can be worked out to re-organize things so that we can bring the fabric and stuff to the house.

What Kind of Kid?

Well I can't argue this either I think that my mom would vouch for this. I wasn't very good at it but I tried several times to create my own doll clothes and things like that.. we actually had a home made doll house that we worked on together (mostly mom though)

You Were a Creative Kid

When you were a kid, you always had to be doing something with your hands.

Whether you were painting a picture or just doodling, you had to be creating something.

You were too busy thinking about your future creations to listen in school.

It's likely that every part of school was a challenge for you, except for art class.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Medical Review Board

Wow where to start... Last week was just horrendous. Monday I was at work until after 10pm (arrived at 530 am) Tuesday I made it out of there by about 6pm (might have been 7). Wednesday I was notified that I was being sent to San Diego for a Medical Review board.....

Now I'm sure that everyone is thinking the same thing that I was.. How does that work?? I'm not sure either. I complained about my arm hurting again saw a couple of doctors and then was told they were starting paperwork. As much as I really really want to finish out my time in the navy (approx 9 more years). I can not continue to function every day in pain. This weekend was proof of just how many things I can't do with out help. Little things like sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, opening jars and containers.. all things I should be able to do with out help and I can't.

I haven't done any sewing since I have been home and think that I am going through withdraws. I wanted so badly to sew while the guys were watching the game today but that didn't happen either. I don't have to work tomorrow so maybe I can get something little sewn tomorrow. I have packed a few things so that I can move into town with Keith but that is about all I have done.

We have been talking about looking at a couple houses and maybe buying our own here soon but we'll see about that as well. Alot of things depend on if I stay in the navy or have to find another job. Not trying to be picky but if I get kicked out I have to find something that pays at lease $20+ an hour or I won't be able to make my bills...

Well the game is over.. I have to head out to my place here soon so that I can cuddle with my girls. Maybe get some more things packed tonight and maybe sew a few charm squares together.

I miss all my quilt friends dearly!!