Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Night Sewing

Well I did actually get something done tonight. I completed 2 of 3 blocks for our guild block of the month. I still need to write up the instructions but that is easy. Here they are..
Common Threads Block January 2012
Simple but I think that they will make a great quilt for whomever wins the blocks. I have debated getting a jelly roll to make the same quilt but I am going to pass on that until I get some other things done.
I also completed step 2 of a mystery quilt that was supposed to be worked on for Christmas eve and Christmas Day. I cut a bunch of stuff those days but wasn't up to sewing. I decided to do a scrappy christmas quilt. Here are my squares cut for clue 2:
Christmas Mystery 2011
I am working out of my comfort zone on this one. Its supposed to be scrappy and I decided to use some green fat quarters that I got through the Cotton Patch stuff your stocking deal that they had this year. They picked the greens, some that I wouldn't have touched with a 10 foot pole but its supposed to be scrappy. We will see how it turns out.. Smiles

Tomorrow is belated Christmas with my family. So tomorrow Maggie (the dog) and I are going to hop in the truck and drive to my parents house. I don't think that I will have the chance to sew tomorrow but you never know.

New Years Resolutions/ goals

Well if your like me you set a resolution or like last year a new years goal and things happen and you fall short. This year is no different I have my list of goals and things that I want to accomplish in the new year. My number one goal is to have a happy and healthy baby boy here the end of march. Having the baby is going to happen no matter what so that is one goal that I can't fall short on.

Then there is a list of other things that I would like to make happen like making sure that I have a good meal ready for Keith when he comes home at night. This past year was rough with being sick and some other medical issues and Keith alot of times would come home and make dinner even though I was home. I felt bad so that is one thing that I want to change. I am going to stay up on the cleaning through out the week so that we can enjoy the time we have together on the weekends and not be spending it cleaning house.

But this blog isn't about making dinner or cleaning my house its about my quilting and craft adventures. So I have set myself a goal of being more active on my blog, sewing or embroidering one christmas item every month until next christmas, and then of course keeping track of my stash and busting as much as I can.

The new year starts on Sunday so I am going to give myself a bit of a head start and not count the fabric that I bought at the after christmas pre inventory sales as added to the stash. But anything bought from today December 29th to Sunday is fair game. Nothing will be counted as busted until it is sewn into a project or donated to someone else. Completed tops even needing borders will be counted as busted.

So what are you doing this new years? I have fabric all cut to sew all sorts of things and hope that I have the chance to get something done.

Oh one more goal for the year sew something or be creative every week even if it means that I just meanded something or sew'd uniforms for Keith.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Well after several months of not feeling well and having absolutely no sewing or embroidery mojo at all I actually sat down to the embroidery machine. Mom and I have been sitting here watching TV together and I have been watching her crochet and knit all sorts of things since she has been here. But a couple days ago she realized that she hadn't made her traditional ornaments to hand out to the family at Christmas and most of her patterns were at home. She had a few here and was having trouble with the one that she wanted to do so I told her that I would help her. It really is amazing what you can find when you actually read your emails. I get tons of embroidery advertisements and rarely have the time to browse them but this time I fouind some great ornaments to make for mom to give to the family. Here is a peak:

Its not the greatest picture but it was the best I could get. There are a couple embelishments that I need to finish but other than that I think that they look great. I hope that the rest of the family likes them as much as Mom and I do. Those worked up so easily that we then picked out these:

Aren't they super cute? They are little gingerbread men. Then while we were thinking about it Mom says but then the girls (triplet granddaughters/ neices) will want their own ornaments and we had only planned on making one per family. No problem I had the perfect solution.. Tiny Christmas trees that had hidden Hershey Kisses. So I proceeded to try to make those as well. Here they are:

And here is what it looked like before we laced the ribbon through to close them up. They were super easy and look great!

Well I hope that everyone else was as productive as we were. Hoping that Saterday will bring the same. Until later...