Friday, December 19, 2008

What the Heck!!

Well I thought that it would be super wonderful to finally be home and be where I could sew and be happy!! I have been working so many hours I barely get to look at my sewing machine let alone use it. In fact I haven't even touched it since I got back. Keith has done more sewing since I got back than I have. He hemmed some pants this week for his roommate.

Things have been a bit crazy here. I have already had to make the drive to san diego once to see the neurologist and have to drive down there again on tuesday to see the Occupational Therapist to see if we can get some therapy going to at least relieve some of the pain in my arm.

We have been working really long hours I go in to work at about 0530 (leaving my house at 0440) and most days I don't leave the shop until 1800 or after. So I don't get home until almost 7PM unless I stop at Keiths and then I get home close to 10 if I go out to my house at all. One day this week I was over at Keiths and fell asleep and he just tucked me in and set the alarm for me to get up in the morning.

I thought that I would get some sewing and baking time this weekend but Aden, Keiths room mates son is having a birthday party tomorrow and has been asking for me.. the exact words I heard were "Is Header back from the boat? When do I get to see her" So they are flying to texas to get him and then we are going to have his party. I still have Christmas shopping to do that I haven't gotten done and of course the weekly laundry. So this weekend is pretty messed up too.

OH!! Since I have left you hanging for a couple weeks as to the new goodies I got I guess I will spill the beans. I got a new/used washer and dryer!! Yea!! Oh Oh and even better I have a new Janome 6600 and table!! ( that I haven't gotten to play with yet) and I have a "Little Gracie II" on order.. my goodness now if I only had the time to sew.