Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update on Projects and Posts to come....

Well there isn't much to update on the projects that I have been working one. I have yet to finish the blocks for Keiths coming home quilt.. but that is going to be my project for tonight. Mom and Dad are here and we are going to do the lawn one last time before Keith gets home. He gets home Wednesday can you tell that I am excited?

I know that its not time for new years resolutions yet but I have some goals for the month of november.. I want to organize my quilt room.. maybe not completely but I want to make it a little easier to find some things. Then I want to make my list of UFO's and TO DO LATER projects and get those on a list on my blog.. maybe if I have a list that I can look at it will motivate me to get things done.

Friday, October 2, 2009

100 Blocks in 100 Days

Well the Prolific online Quilters have started a challange.. 100 quilt blocks in 100 Days. Just something to get us sewing. I would like to say that I am doing well but.. I'm not. So far I have a meesly 2 blocks on my counter and hope to add at least 7 more this weekend if not more.

I do have a couple thoughts though.. I have been trying to change some things here and there in our house and really haven't gotten all that I wanted to get accomplished. I recently embelished a kitchen towel for a friend and have started bathroom towels for my brother. I think that it would be awesome to embelish a few towels for the bathroom for the holidays.. I always thing about the kitchen stuff and never the bathroom.. so that was just put on the list for projects to think about. They don't count as blocks but I haven't gotten my patterns for the blocks I really want to go crazy on.

When I finish the above mentioned 7 blocks that I need to finish for Keiths quilt then I can start digging through my UFOs and start working on those blocks. I have alot of motivation while I'm sitting here but most days that motivation is gone before I ever make it home.

My goal tonight 3 blocks! If I can get 3 today and another 4 tomorrow that would be awesome. Stay tuned to see what I complete this weekend. I have the weekend to my self no yard work, no duty, and minimal cleaning.

Getting caught up..

Well this week I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished. Nothing new in the house nothing new sewn. Well that is not completely true.. I finished 2 blocks for a coming home quilt for Keith and then a Halloween towel for my Halloween swap partner. I will wait to post pictures about it when I know that she has received it. I don't think that she reads this but I don't know so I will leave some of it to be a suprise.

I did put together a shelf unit for our closet but have yet to get things organized on it and in looking at things think that I am going to go get another shelf before they are no longer on sale. I should be getting out of work by about 1030 or 11 today since I am only here to help out duty section not to actually stand duty.

I have my list of things that I need to get done before I can settle in for the night and flip on the tv and fight with lilly about eating my thread. Which reminds me I need to stop and get some more. I am currently debating if I want to drive to Fresno or to Visalia today.. I really don't want to make the drive but there are things that I need.
Here are the latest blocks.. Just a few more to go and they will be off to Jill to quilt for me since I didn't get a chance to even learn how to use my frame. Soon though.. Keith will be home and I won't have to worry about re-arranging the house.. LOL