Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OMG.. Too Funny

I just talked to Mom on messenger and she asked if I had looked at the blog giveaway and I had to admit that I hadn't even taken a peek with the exception of the links page. So I went back and started reading through it. I didn't even get past the first blog before I had a big grin. You have got the read this blog Dont try this at home more specifically the post that made my day Your managment style I tell ya if Matt Damon was available to clean houses I'd fight for him. Heck I'd settle for him washing the nasty bugs off my car and truck compliments of the commute to work through all the farms and fields. I do love the drive though much more plesant than the drive back and forth to the base in San Diego.

Tuesdays news

A while back I showed my mom how to make friends through yahoo groups online. She kept hearing me talking about my Silly Gals and the quilt swaps that we had been doing and wanted to know where I found them. So I showed her. We got online and I showed her how to search for knit and crochet groups and she joined a couple. She even found a couple of ladies that didn't live too far from us in California. Next stop to connect her to the blog world!! I swear the woman could write her own knit and crochet column if she sat down and thought about it. She makes things for me all the time and never takes pictures. She could post pictures everyday of the things that she's working on.. Let me think what were the latest projects?? Oh I know she made a draft dodger and dog sweater for a couple of the ladies that live here in my town house complex. What is she working on right now? Lacey garters for a girl that I am attending military technical school with.

My Dad says to me one day "Its all your fault! She sits on the computer everyday." and yes I will take part of the blame for that... but recently we have gotten dad hooked on searching the web for everything from car parts to addresses (yes he learned map quest) you name it and he's all about looking it up on the internet.

This morning I woke up to a couple of emails from Mom about the blog world. I'm not sure where she found it, it may have been one of her groups. She found a site all about blog giveaways! I know that a few of the girls have had some give aways Jen, Jill and Moneik to name a few but if your looking for something to pass the time this blog is worth looking over. Bloggy Giveaways.com.

So among my goals of trying to get my mom to join in on our quilting group I am also going to help Mom start a blog. Mom I know your reading this some where because you have asked several times how come my blog is so quiet (smiles). Together we are going to start you a blog, find you a digital camera that you can work, and show you how to show the blog world your wonderful creations! Love YA MOM!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Strip Quilts

Today I desided to look online to see what other 2 1/2" strip patterns there were out there, I know about the ones shown on http://cozyquilt.com/. That is the store that I frequented while I was in San Diego. I love their patterns they are super easy and fun and they even have their own strip tube ruler ..I know that this isn't a great picture but I haven't gotten mine yet so I can't take an actual picture of the ruler. Here is a discription of how to use the ruler and how it works.. http://cozyquilt.com/Aspx/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=517 It's a great idea really makes alot of the strip club patterns work up super easy too.

I also found some great patterns on another site that I thought that I would pass on to everyone. Alot of them are quilt as you go patterns which are pretty neat. So if your looking for some quick gifts and things for friends, family, and co-workers check out GE Designs Iceland http://www.gequiltdesigns.com/qaygpatterns.html .

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Short weekend..

I can't believe the weekend is over already. I was hoping to get those pillows that I have been working on finished so that I could post a picture but that hasent happend. I have gotten alot of other things taken care of though. I did alot of laundry and cleaned things up here around the house. I'm still working on re-organizing my fabric I'm trying to find a good way to fold the larger cuts of fabric so that they fit on my shelves better. Any Suggestions would be much appreciated.
Jen left a comment on my last post about small hand work that I could take with me on the ship and suggested fabric yo-yo's that I could use to make a garland similar to hers to be able to decorate with. What a great idea Jen!! I never thought about that.. I don't have the yo-yo makers but might look to see if I can get some. I am going to look through some of my things and see if there are other holiday things that I can make. Were supposed to be back in time for the holidays so I would be back just in time to decorate.. smiles

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well I finally got some sewing done today and yesterday and though its not complete yet I hope to have a completed project to show you this weekend or so. Here's the story on the latest project. While I was home at mom and dad's this weekend my brothers girlfriend asked me if I could make something for them.. I thought they wanted some more pillow cases or something.. well sort of they wanted me to make some actual pillows to use on the futon in their game/computer room. Easy enough right? So off we headed to Joanns to get some fabric having NO clue what kind of pillows that I was going to make.

We found out that pillow forms were on sale 50% off so we got 2-27" square pillows and then my brother found some new dale jr fabric with his new number 88. It was much nicer to work with then the red and black.. I think I was just tired of it.

Here are a couple pictures.. I am going to add another row of blue after the checkered fabric.. What do you think? Think it is stylish enough to go in his game room?

The first one is layed across the pillow form. the extra blue border is going to be just and extra sham type flap.

This is actually just front piece I am going to sew to seperate back peices so that they can stuff the pillow in and be able to wash the cover.. I think they will turn out nice.. Too bad he doesn't read the blog or he would get a sneak peek of his soon to be pillows.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday was the typical Monday!! I drove all the way over to the base to realise that I had forgotten my ID card at home and couldn't get on the base. Yeah so I had to drive the 30 minutes back to my house to get my things and then back to school missing PT because I was too late. I went in to renew my id and they were too busy (strike 3) and then I got a talking to from the Chief in the school house to remember my medical appointment. At this point I was wishing that I hadn't even gotten out of bed.

So today I went to the medical appointment (that they reminded me of 100 times), renewed my id card and thought (key word) that I would have a peaceful lunch at the coffee shop on base. Guess who was there and made it a point to stop and ask me if I had gone to medical.. Yeah the same chief.. My thoughts were "respectfully I am a first class PO I don't need to have my hand held to get to the dr" You tell me to be there and I will be. Ugh .. So I thought that I would make my yearly appt at the GYN and then go and tell chief all about it since it seems that he has to make sure that he knows things... ha ha ha

Mom and dad were here this weekend.. I am having some issues getting motivated I thing I commented on that the other day. I hate it I feel like I am tired and Blah.. all the time. I did iron some fabric yesterday maybe that is a sign that things are going to turn around and I'll have all sorts of ambition.

I have started putting together a list of all the things that I need to get together when I have to fly out in June.. you know the required things uniforms and such. Here's my question to everyone if you had to leave home (and couldn't take your sewing machine.. No room) what would you take with you? You know the comfort things like a special blanket or PJ's.. what would have to go with you?

Some things I am going to have to pack and have mom mail to me because I just don't want to carry it through 15 different airports and then through the carrier too. She will mail it straight to the carrier.. and then they will probably be on the peir when I get back to help me carry stuff off. I am talking to my brother to see about putting movies on an external hard drive so that I don't have to carry a load of those either.

Oh I thought that I would be ambitious and work on some cross stitch but I have made almost no progress working on those at school so I might rethink that and take some smaller ornaments that I can actually finish in the near future.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where Have I been??... Smiles

Goodness! I didn't realise how long it had been since I had posted or blogged or even read other blogs. I did get to read through a couple today. Just love Jens pink and brown projects.. they are awesome. I have my miranda pattern.. even picked out some super neat fabrics that I want to use.
I have a couple of pillow case kits that I picked up at the LQS about a month ago, and a table runner pattern that a friend sent me that looks great.. it looks like it would be easy and fast.. I might try to get to those this weekend.
School is okay.. I used to enjoy going to school but honestly wish that it would hurry up and be over. Maybe things will change after next week. The week after next I will be going to school during the day and then have all evening to do what ever I want. The only down fall is having to go to PT at the crack of dawn and even then its not as bad as it was the last time that I was in school. Last time it started at quarter to 5 in the morning.. Ugh
Well I have to get going I have to be at school at 330. I will try to get some pictures up of the new townhouse... I have yet to decorate.. I haven't even put everything away yet.. I guess I'm just lazy