Thursday, November 25, 2010

Project Pictures

Well I promised to share pictures of the projects that I had done in the last couple of days. One isn't complete yet I have some finishing touches still yet to do but I can show the other two. Here is the first. Its a USB stick holder. With the new machines I can take the designs straight from my computer and put them in my machine.
Here is a picture of it open. You can barely see that the pockets are numbered. I should have choosen a darker green. I love the way it turned out and will be making more for some friends.
You can find the designs for this at A Design in Stitches or a bigger version at Embroidery Project. They have some great designs. You can see how they stitched out. Don't miss their Black friday sale all designs are $1 on both sites. They are a mom and daughter that share their passion.
And last today for now I have Baby Closet organizers. I saw these and thought that they were adorable. There are actually more to the set but I only made 6 of them. They just hook on the closet bar like at the store and help the new mom organize clothes as to size. I know I didn't give my brother and sister all the same sizes. I gave them alot of 12 month and bigger and Noah turned out to be small so they have a ways to go for those.
The designs for this can be found at Designs by Sick. As you can tell I am having loads of fun with the new machine. Now to get to my 3 Christmas swaps as well as the Christmas Ornament swap that I have been meaning to work on. With so many more possibilities its hard for me to decide what to do. Until later! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Been a while...

Goodness I have alot of catching up to do. I have no clue where to begin. Well my last day in the Navy was November 12th. So I am now a civilian. I am also finishing up my first semester at Columbia college and getting ready to sign up for the second. I will be getting a much needed break from school because I have a lot of stitching and planning to do.

So lets catch up.. Last week Keith and I got this super fantastic deal on a Viking Diamond. Yes I already had 2 embroidery machines but they both only stitched a 4X4 area and it was driving me crazy. There were so many other projects that I wanted to work on but couldn't because my hoop area was too small.

So here it is: (Well the box anyway)

And the embroidery attachment:

And here I am super excited about the hoops that came with it (and of course the mess behind me but that has since been made worse and cleaned up):

And here are the first couple of projects that I worked on:

Its a wine bottle wrap that I found at Embroidery Library. You can find the design for purchase here and the entire set here. They have really good prices and I am pleased with the way that they stitch out. If you get the chance look at the projests they are pretty easy to read and they have a lot of great ideas. I just realised that I never took a picture of the second project or the others after that so until the next post!! My quilty friends and family are going to get some great gifts this year. I will be sure to let you know where I find my designs.

If you get a chance check out Designs By Sick there is a link in my sidebar. They have great prices and have daily freebies that you can get to check out the designs to see if you like them.