Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is that a light??

Well I would like to say that I see the light at the end of the tunnel but really I don't. Not yet anyway. We are still all out here working hard all day every day. I am afraid to say that when I get home I will probably sleep for 3 days straight since it just feels like I never sleep. The last week has been filled with waking up feeling like I was going to be late to work.. How in the world can you be late when the shop is across the carrier?

The last couple of days my stomach has been really upset but we think that is because I ate real food while in port and now am back to the ship food and my belly is a little confused. My dad will be coming out to float with us for a while at the end. I can't wait.. I am not sure what he'll think about it.. He will probably never want to come to the ship again.. LOL

Well I have to run we have been really busy this week so I haven't gotten any sewing done. Talk to you later

Friday, October 3, 2008

No Watch.. Yeah Right

So much for having a fun day surfing the web and dreaming about being at home. I got up early this morning happy to start the day and then the phone in the shop rang... AT1 I need you to stand watch.. I wasn't happy but at the same time I wouldn't change places with the guy whos spot I took for a million dollars. He slipped on a ladder well and broke his wrist.. I would much rather be in one piece standing watch thank you very much.

I did get to go out in town and do shore patrol in the mall.. it was ok.. boring but ok. I bought a couple of little things for my nieces and magazine and when I came back in to the ship stopped at the Hard Rock store on the pier and to my suprise found a couple of really awesome long sleeve t shirts that I just had to have. I have never bought anything for my self from any of the Hard Rocks or Planet Hollywoods that I have stoped at while being over seas and today I found 2 shirts that I just couldn't live with out. I bought a shirt for my brother and one for Keith too.. I hardly ever buy things for my soon to be sister in law is that wrong? I don't know why she just isn't the first person on my mind while I'm out shopping. Usually its mom and dad.. the triplets, grandma and ryan.... and of course the post cards to mail to you guys when I have the time.. LOL.. believe it or not I have alot written just not mailed. Thats not completely the truth either I have looked and looked at thimbles for people but am so afraid that I will forget some one and that I will hurt feelings and I don't want that either.

Well I am going to get to bed here soon it has been a long day.. my bed and the shower are calling for me.. that and Keith is talkin to me in the email.. smiles

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm still out here

Just wanted to tell everyone HELLO!! I haven't forgotten any of you! Thanks to everyone that has written and sent goodies.. I have been trying to write letters to everyone that has sent me thing but I got a little lost in the process.. there are a bunch of letters sitting in my rack down stairs that I need to address and get in the mail box.. so I will get you letters they may be late but I will get them to you.

I have duty tomorrow and don't have a watch so I should be able to catch up on some of my writing and maybe some of my reading too. I apologize for not writing more often but the internet is slow and its really hard to get anything done with out having to wait for pages to load.

How is everyone doing? Are you working on holiday projects yet? I really want to but well its kind of hard. I am hoping to be able to afford to get a quilt frame and a new sewing machine when i get back but that depends on how much money I can save and also how much I spend on Christmas gifts. I want to make this christmas super special. Two of my brothers and their wives and Keith and I will be spending christmas with mom and dad. I want to make things special since Keith said that he didn't do much for christmas in the past... all the more reason to make this one good.

Well I have to get going.. take care !! I will talk to you all again soon