Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keith is Off..

Well I'm sorry about the weeks worth of missing posts.. Keith and I were really busy. I took him to the airport last night and he is sitting waiting for his flight from Virginia to where ever its going. I haven't gotten much done today I had a list going of the things I wanted to start working on but really haven't done much of anything since I got home from Therapy. I made some cute little coasters for a friend in my Sillygals group but forgot to take some pictures of them. Luckily I have fabric to make some more just like them.. Smiles.

So no pictures for today and no sewing done yet but maybe after dinner and a little bit of clean up. We left the house in a bit of disarray yesterday when we were getting all of Keiths last minute things together.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Busy

Well Keith and I have been very busy the last couple of days with all the things that need to be done before he leaves. The last two days have been all about moving my things out of storage and in to a unit that Keith and I share.. it will save us money and cut down on the number of places that I will have to visit every month to pay our bills.

I still have to decide on what new cell phone that I want.. I have looked at a few of the LG enV3 and enV Touch.. I also looked at the different blackberries. I have yet to decide what I want.. All I know is with all the running around that I do and the ammount of time that the email on the ship is down.. I want a phone that lets me know that I have email from Keith so that I can email him back.

Keith doesn't know but I already have a small stack of "Miss you" cards that I got a couple months ago.. I figured if I started a few months before the 6 month deployment that I would have enough to send him a couple every week.. being that deployment came early I guess I will have to make the rounds of the card stores here in town. Know of any good stationary stores online?

Keith knows that I can't lift the heavy boxes so his care packages will be smaller.. but I'm hoping to get one out to him about every couple of weeks. He says that he's not going to get off the ship in a couple of ports so I want to make sure that I send him not only food but some other things.. like his favorite magazines and we figured out that I can put movies on Memory stick Duo cards that he can watch on his PSP.. so I am already working on that for him.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Favorite Picture

Well I promised some pictures and I will post more later but I thought that I would share this one with everyone.. it is one of my favorites!! I like how they used the special effects and made the background black and white.

Well I have to get going Keith and I are going to go watch some TV together.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Starting over

Wow I feel like I am starting over with this whole blog thing. I have been so busy (or beat down rather) with medical and everything going on that I didn't have anything quilty or crafty to talk about so I pretty much quit blogging all together.

Well we have alot of catching up to do.. in the last month I went to North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida to meet and visit with Keiths family as well as be supportive to Keith and his family through memorial services for his Grandfather. Not the first meeting that we had all imagined but it worked out.

While on vacation in Florida (the day of the memorial to be exact) we caught rumor from a friend that Keith was going to be deploying. This was not in the plan he originally had orders to a squadron that wasn't supposed to go on deployment until January. The navy modified his orders for a different squadron and he is set to leave to meet them in about a week.

When we returned from florida and started getting things together for him we decided to go ahead and get married before he left for deployment rather than wait until November/ December like we had originally planned. So on July 11th we got married.. the funny thing is he reminds me every morning "Your my wife" with a big grin on his face.

This week is going to be all about having nice meals and spending time together.. and getting his things ready to deploy. I guess this weekend we are going to go out for a nice meal maybe a movie.. I am kinda looking for things that we can do for a quite at home date night maybe a couple of them.. What would be a good at home movie to watch?

So after he heads out for deployment I will be doing alot more sewing and hopefully quilting.. Yeah!! Oh and I can't wait I am already planning a weekend sew-in with a friend for the weekend after he leaves.. Keith has even helped get things together for me.. smiles.. Just hope my quilty friend doesn't have to work too much that weekend. (oh and pictures to follow of our ceremony.. Smiles)