Monday, September 28, 2009

I got to sew!!

I am super excited! Just before Keith left he made a comment to me about he wondered if my friends would make him a welcome home from deployment quilt like they made me last year. As always he had that cute little boy grin. Well it just didn't feel right to ask one of my quilting groups to help me out and I hadn't been sewing much at all not because I didn't want to but because I didn't feel up to it. Sewing is something that I love and with all the issues with my arm some days it just felt like a chore and I didn't want to associate the two.

Anyway I have been talking to my friend Jill alot more the last couple months than I have in the last year or so. Together we decided to put together a quilt for Keith a block sampler like mine but different so that we could both curl up on the couch together with our own quilts when he gets back.

I just want to send out a great big hug and thank you again to all the ladies that helped to put together my quilt. Quilts really do make things better. There is not a day that goes by that I dont look at or lay with the quilt and think about the love that went into my quilt. Alot of days when I get home from work and don't feel well I curl up with it and a few minutes later Lillybeth is curled up with me.. smiles.

Ok back to my sewing... This weekend I pulled out my Carol Doak "Learn to paper piece" DVD and decided that I was going to learn to paper piece. To top it off I am a glutten for punishment.. I couldn't pick an easy block to learn on I picked one that had like 500 pieces to it. (okay not really but it had alot). I finished it about midnight last night and you know what? I really liked it! Here are a couple pictures of the blocks that I finished this weekend. Hoping to finish more tonight.

Here are the 2 blocks that my mom made. Yes your seeing those right they are both cross stitch and I think that they look fantastic. (The first one is actually cream fabric not yellow but I couldn't get my camera to take a good picture.) They will both get borders before being added to the quilt.

Thats all for now!! :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a week..

Well I think enough has happened this week to last me the rest of the month. First was Keiths fish.. then yesterday it was a hot chocolate/ coffee fiasco translated the carpet in my truck needs to be cleeaned.. and then last night....

My desktop computer died... I think its the power supply but haven't decided if I want to replace it again. The computer is old and I probably need a new one but I have no I dea what I am going to do to try to fix or better yet to get my information and files off the computer.

Then last night I had trouble sleeping (a normal thing now adays) and really really didn't want to get up and go to work this morning. It actually felt like a chore to get in the shower pain and all.

Needless to say it has been a rough week or so and I am looking forward to going home today and taking a nap.. possibly just going to bed for the evening.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Poor Poor Fishy....

Well today I had to send the 2nd of Keiths fish into the fishy after life. The first one I didn't even notice was gone until I went to clean the tank... Ok let me back up a little.. I noticed something was different but couldn't figure out what was missing and figured that I was just feeling guilty for not cleaning it. Keith asked friday if I had cleaned it and I admitted that i hadn't.. when I looked in the tank after talking to him I noticed that one of the other fish was sick.

I'm pretty stupid when it comes to fish so I looked it up on the internet to figure out what the fish had and then how to make it better.. the reported cause for the fish ickys was a dirty tank! My first thought OMG I'm killing his fish!!. So I preceeded to clean the tank and I found some things that we already had to medicate the fish that was sick. easy enough right? Yeah or so I thought... Its really hard to clean a tank while trying to watch a curious Lilly thats hissing at the fish bucket on the floor.. comical I wish some one was here to see it other than me.

Anyway after cleaning the tank I thought good now maybe the sick fish will get better... Mmm ... not so much it spazzed out swimming full speed face first into the glass and the rocks and then upside down.. I freaked out... It layed in the rocks and I thought for sure it was dead.. I went to get the net to scoop him out and he was swimming again .. NORMAL.. this went on the spastic tendencies and then today he finally gave up.. I know that it sounds wrong.. I should have flushed him before but I continued to medicate the tank in the hopes that it would cure him.

The rest of the fish are doing fine.. begging for food as I walk past the tank and then teasing Lilly.. She sits on the floor staring into the tank but hisses at them when they are close enough for her to touch.. What a goober.