Monday, January 19, 2009

Vacation is over.. back to work

Well my vaction was officially over last night.. and can you believe I still didn't get any sewing done? I am really going through sewing withdrawls.. but there are so many other things going on around here that its hard to get things going. I was looking forward to joining the quilt challenge but that hasn't happened.

Whats going on here? Well I spent a week in colorado with mom and dad trying to get paperwork taken care of so that dad and I could legally trade trucks. Keith was supposed to come with us but other things came up and he had to go see his family in Florida. Since we both had alot of things to take care of neither one of us could really change plans and go with the other so we ended up on seperate vacations.

When we got back he was back to work and I was working on cleaning up the apartment and getting things straightened. I thought that I would be spending more time there but in the last week (okay month) some really creepy things have been going on and I just don't feel safe there anymore. February 1st I will be putting in my 30 days notice and will be moving into town.. Keith and I have decided that I am out of there even if it means that I have to put stuff in storage and stay at his house until I can find something else. There are other options in the works but won't put all my eggs in one basket just yet.

Tomorrow I make yet a 3rd trip down to san diego to have the therapist look at my arm again and am going to ask him if it will help if they just put the cast back on. I don't know if I mentioned it but a couple years ago I had surgery on the nerve in my arm.. I had problems while I was on deployment and the Physical Therapist on the ship tried to help but in reality set me back to where I was right after the surgery. So I am just trying to do what I can to make the pain go away.

I have plans to sew this weekend but that all depends on what packing I can get done.. Yeah I'm not to enthusiastic about that one either but if it means that I can feel safe, not have to worry about some one hurting my meows or vandilizing my vehicles, and live closer to Keith then its all worth it in the long run.