Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Check up and 1 year shots...

Well we may have found the cause of the crankies.. at least for Mogie any way. He is usually so happy but lately he's waking in the middle of the night and is cranky on and off through out the day. The dr today says he may be getting his incisor teeth on the top and that he may also be cutting molars.. WHAT? Molars already? Then to top it off he got 4 shots. Poor little guy.

He and I didn't sleep well last night and he really didn't nap all that well today either, meaning my nap was non exhistant as well. Oh well how can you be upset at a little guy who keeps standing on his head and looking at you through his legs.. Smiles.

I had thoughts of sewing today but just couldn't get it together. I ended up working on cleaning up my little corner here at the back of our kitchen table.. re-organizing my threads to figure out what colors I am low on things like that. I need to make a list of the threads I need and get a order together before I run out in the middle of a project like usual.

Above are the threads that I have yet to rewind and see if there is actually a labeled space for them in my box. I have put on the list of things I want a thread organizer to hang on the wall but due to the fac that we are moving the sewing room (ok probably packing it up) we will have to re think that.

Do you have a special way to display your threads?

Organizing for Baby...

Today I found myself very frustrated with the fact that I have yet to get things organized for the arrival of little guy #2 as well as wishing that my munchkin's closet was more organized. We have found that we put him in the same clothes all the time and miss out on some really cute outfits. So as I was folding some clothes that I got from my brother and sister in law I decided that I need to make better use of my closet organizers and hangers.

I have decided to make new size organizers for Mogie and little guy #2. In the past I made some for my nephew Noah but have never made them for us. So this has been put on our list of to dos before #2 gets here.
The designs that I used to make organizers for my nephew can be found here at Designs by Sick.

They were fast and easy but I want ours to be different than theirs. I think I may use some that can be found at NewFound Applique at least for one set and then I think I may change it a little so that I can make them different for both boys.

What did you stitch today?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CTTY embroidery...

Well with a new outlook on the week and my heart set on completing goals this month, let me tell you about CTTY. I joined a group call Christmas Through The Year (CTTY). Each month we have a goal of completing one item to put in our christmas box whether it be decorations for your house or gifts for your family and friends. These goals are set in the hopes that there won't be marathon sewing taking place christmas eve night and that you too can relax and enjoy your holiday.

When I read about this my thought was "Count me in". This last year I was extremely sick for the holidays trying to make the best of Logan's first Christmas. This next year will be our new little ones first Christmas and I really want to be able to wake up Christmas morning and feel as rested as you can with an infant and toddler in the house but know that Santa came to visit and mommy didn't have to stay up all night helping him.

So in an effort to work on my sewing/embroidery goal of 50,000 stitches and CTTY for the month of April. I decided to work on some of these:

We are not sure if we will have company for Christmas this year but I want to get some special things done that can be used for stocking stuffers for the women of course. I don't think any of the men in our family read much of anything other than magazines.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Case of the Mondays...

I woke up this morning feeling Blah!! I have had several nights in a row that I have trouble sleeping. Then of course the animals realize that I am awake and want attention so they won't leave me alone meaning even if I could fall back asleep they aren't going to let me.

I'm sure some of the problem is pregnancy anxiety and the thought that Mogie's birthday and Easter had to be perfect. Well now Easter and his birthday are done. Some things didn't turn out the way I expected but all in all it was perfect and we have tons of adorable pictures to cherish.

I could not believe what a good sport Mogie was. He wore his crown several times through out the day and never once complained. Knowing that and seeing his reaction I think that there will definatley be other hats and costume type things on my "To Make" list that can be put away for special play times and rainey day fun (Not that we get a whole lot of rain).

As a Machine Embroiderist do you set your self goals as to completed projects or estimated completed stitches per week/ month? I am finding mysef more and more closing my eyes at night and thinking that I wish that I had turned the machine on and done something. I have tried to document my stash several times and well have not been sucessful at all. This weekend I did a lot of marathon stitching to get things done for Logan's birthday and Easter. It felt good to stitch both embroidery and regular sewing even if some of the projects didn't work out.

So todays Monday as well as a new month. I am going to start fresh. Being a busy mom to a toddler it isn't always easy to get to the sewing or embroidery machine but I am going to try. I have set my self a goal of 50,000 stitches a week on the embroidery machine. To some that may seem like alot but in the word of machine embroidery its not really that much. I have tons of projects swirling around in my head as well as some that I started and need to finish. Any one else want to join in?
 This Anita Goodesign "Christmas Town" is one of the many things that I have started and didn't get to finish due to health issues before Christmas. I don't think that it will count for "Christmas Through the Year" until the quilt is done but it would do wonders for my stitch goal as well as complete a UFO. I think I can manage one block a week or maybe 2 a month. Then maybe it can be displayed this year.

Until Later .. Happy Stitching