Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well today has been one of those days I set out to write a nice post with pictures and all and got nothing done. I have a bunch of things to mention to everyone but can't seem to get them organized to put on here.

How was everyones weekend? Mine was pretty boring and not productive at all. How frustrating this is becoming. I would say that I have had it and that something has got to change but I have said that several times and well nothings changed.

Today I plan on going over to storage and grabbing some boxes that I know are quilt books to bring to the house but I wonder really is it worth it? Seriously? Kevin (the other roommate.. and yes they all know how I feel about roommates) is going on deployment in about a month and a half which means that he is moving out and all my quilt things will be moved into that room and it will become my sewing room instead of the other room that my things are in right now. Should I just try to suck it up and deal with things and find some little projects to tide me over until I get my own room? Other wise I am going to have to move all that stuff all over again.. What do you think? I think that I am going to ask Keith to measure Kevin's room so that we can have a plan before moving all my stuff... I'm really thinking that the quilt frame should go near the window so that I can get the most natural light that I can. Mom and Dad are giving me a nice wood wall unit (we're going to pick that up this weekend) that will be home for my TV and DVD player so that I can watch my quilt Videos and also to watch movies while I hide out in my little (yes it is really little) room. I hope the things that I want to go in there are going to fit but I have a feeling that they aren't going to. Keith wants to put the Futon in there so that there is a place to sit but then there will be no room for bookshelves so we have some planning and thinking to do.

Well I guess I can scratch going to storage.. I am going to go to blockbuster today and rent Marley and me. It comes out on DVD and I really really wanted to see it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This Weekend!!

Well once again I had big plans to sew and spend some time at the LQS but that really didn't happen. Keith and I went and saw "I Love You Man" at the theater last night. It was pretty funny. We had a good time.

Then this morning I decided that I needed to go out and feel like a girl so I went and had a manicure and got my eye brows done. After that I came back and picked up some things that Keith needed taken over to the recycle yard, stopped by the LQS and picked up the Breakfast Club patterns for January, February, and March.. Can't wait to see what they have for April. I managed to clean the house a little before deciding that I couldn't handle any more because it hurt too much.

Keith and I are going out to a little steak house here in town for dinner tonight and then I am going to come back and read through a new magazine that I bought (Kids Quilts) and I might try to get some BOM blocks put together. It all depends on what time we actually get to dinner and when we get home.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well I haven't gotten much sewing done but I am working on the room so that we can unpack some of my things so that I can see them and be more creative or at least not buy the same things 2 or 3 times over. I saw that Jill will be getting Bubba back this evening and doing some sewing.. its a date!! I will work on the room and folding fabric and and stuff to get things organized for tonight and tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a short day sewing since I have to drive down to San Diego again. I will be headed that way tomorrow evening.. Boy am I tired of making that drive back and forth.. Ugh.

Well I am headed back out to do some laundry and fold some fabric to put on shelves!! I will be back later to check in and see what everyone else is up to.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

This week has just felt soo long! I am glad that it's finally friday. The boys have had people over everyday this week working on Keiths truck and finally today it will be just Keith and I. Well at least for dinner (or so he has promised). The boys might be out in the garage helping but he has assured me that they will be going home when its time to come in for dinner and start our movie night.

I thought alot about what to have for dinner and was going to do a picnic style dinner so that we could eat and watch our movie (not decided on yet) but I think I have changed my mind on that. Keith has been wanting to go out to dinner at this new Japanese Cuisine place in Hanford and I found out today that they do take out. So I am going to call and order.. and when I go to pick it up I'm going to walk through the garage and tell him that he has 30 minutes left on the truck then he needs to head inside and get cleaned up.

It should be a fun weekend. I have nothing planned other than to relax and enjoy myself. Was hoping to rope some of the Quilt ladies into a weekend sew in but it sounds like everyone is going to be pretty busy and I should have posted about it earlier. One of these days I am going to be able to catch up with Jen, Cindy, Moniek and Jill. Maybe even plan to go see them that would be soo much fun.

Well I have to get going. Maybe I will get some updates and some projects on here this weekend.. (crossing fingers)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Pattern

Wow so today started out super awesome. Back in January I took the Chiefs (E-7) exam for Limited Duty Officer purposes. Quick story short that means that I took it not to make E-7 but to be eligible to send my records in to be looked at to make officer. Well I made board meaning that I get to send my records in to be reviewed. Yeah!! Medical will put a wrench in that monkey works but it is just an awesome feeling to know that I made the board.

So as a reward I decided to stop at the local quilt shop Quilter's Quarters to get my quilt fix for the week. I picked up this super awesome pattern that I can't wait to start... Yes I had to by fabrics for it even though I'm sure I had enough in my stash. So here is a snnek peek:

So I picked up a sweet roll and some background fabric and will choose sashing and borders when I get it all complete. I am going to leave the fabric to be a suprise to everyone to see how I like it first. I think that the color that I chose to be a background is going to be too much so we'll see on that as well.

I had plans to break things out today but I have to go baby shopping for a couple of friends so depending on how long that takes will depend if I have the time to do anything before crawling into bed. I have been really tired lately and just don't feel like doing much of anything.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not so much of a weekend

Well the weekend is nearly over and I got absolutely NO sewing done!! Yesterday turned in to a mess and Keith and I had a much needed talk. Though nothing has been resolved he knows all to well where I stand. We are still doing great there are just little things that have built up into bigger things and well I guess you could say I blew up and wasn't very nice about it.

Tonight they have friends over so there isn't going to be any sewing going on tonight either. Maybe tomorrow I will have the chance to dig something out even if its just a few stitches here or there... I am going to die if I don't get some sewing in.. Maybe that is why I have gotten so irritated with Keith lately.. If I can get some sewing in maybe that would relieve the tension a little.

Well I have to get going dinner should be almost ready and I have lunches to make and then a uniform to get ready for work tomorrow.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Friday

Well it has been a good friday so far. I came into work early and it didn't feel like a chore.. That feels so good. I did wake up and not want to get out of bed but I think that was just because it has been a really busy few weeks and I am really tired. So today I am going to head to my Occupational Therapy and on the way home pick up some stuff for dinner and probably a movie. We have started this routine of friday movie night but the last couple of nights I was so tired I went to bed and then the second one I fell asleep during the movie. So I will pick up a couple of movies.. One for tonight and one for me to watch tomorrow when I get me time. Can you tell I am still super excited about that? The boys are going to be working on the truck so I get me time.

I haven't decided just what I want to work on tomorrow. Still in the debating process. If I work on cross stitch I have 2 kits (both for Keith) that the thread is all seperated and ready to go. But I really wanted to sew with my new machine that has probable less than 15 minutes worth of use on it. I have a new desk that is begging for some personalization at work BUT I don't want to get too comfortable to have them transfer me to san diego.. You know? So I need something small to work on until I can build back up to the projects I already had going.

I have some placemats that are begging to be sewn together.. some pillow cases that need some attention.. Oh and Yo yos that need some lovin too... Hmm seems like its going to be a very busy saturday.. Think I am going to need to put together munchies tonight so that I won't have to worry about it tomorrow.

So depending on how tonight goes I may have a picture update in the morning as to what I worked on tonight.. Well I will try to get pictures anyway so that I can show you my new place... the New truck that I have yet to show you.. and maybe some other odds and ends.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally!! Time to catch up on things!!

Okay so I am super excited today/ this week. Monday I checked out of the squadron (Sea Duty) and checked in with the limited duty coordinator. If I hadn't mentioned it before the doctors in San Diego decided to put me limited duty/ Non-deployable (Shore duty). This is supposed to be for 6 months or until they figure out what the heck is wrong with my arm.

Tuesday I finished checking in to limited duty and they told me that they thought that they had a job temporarily for me but they would talk to me about it in the morning. They cut me loose and I headed home to change and then out to the apartment to clean up since the keys were due Friday. Keith met me out there and we proceeded to sanitize the crap out of everything.

Wednesday I went in to work and sat around waiting for my assignment and about 11 or so they told me to go over to another building and talk to YN1 that I would be working with her. She was swamped with Evaluations and told me that she really didn't have anything and that I could go and come back the next day ready for work. Mind you I had to go buy new uniforms and such because in the office they wear uniforms that I hadn't had to wear at the squadron yet. So I was off to get uniforms eat lunch with Keith and the boys and then head to my Occupational therapy appointment. After Therapy I met Keith out at the apartment where we cleaned carpets touched up the bathrooms and kitchen and cleaned the tile floors. FINALLY everything was out of the apartment and everything was clean.

Today was my first day at my new job.. I was a little lost.. a little aggravated but it worked out and I think that it will all work out in the end there seems to be a little bright spot in everything that has happened in the last month.. (A lot more that had happened that I didn't have the heart to blog about.) I went out to the apartment did a walk through.. they were amazed said that they were going to only charge for the carpet cleaning (required by state law) and I would get my deposit back minus that... Can you say YEAH!!! Not to mention that I am going into a weekend where the apartment and the mess isn't looming over my head. We (Keith and I) will get things moved around so that I can get to things and see things and I might get a good Saturdays worth of sewing in (depending on therapy) since the boys are going to be working on vehicles.

I have a bunch of projects in mind.. some gifts and thank yous that I need to get working on. A few RAKs that I have been meaning to work on things like that.. Oh and a super awesome eagle picture that Keith wanted. I will be on the look out for Keith type quilt patterns and fabric. Any ideas let me know hes the patriotic eagle type.. loves Ford and trucks of all kinds. Yes I still have the sponge bob quilt that I started.. it needs borders but I want to make something that is more adult like for him.

I'm still excited I see more sewing time in my future (limited off course so that I don't make my arm worse) since I have normal work hours now.. stay tuned for pictures of projects in the works.. smiles. Time to head for bed... work starts early tomorrow.. Smiles

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Great Websites and saving money...

I don't know how many of you guys out there are like me and are looking for ways to save money but I have found myself coupon clipping lately and watching the ads to try to get things that we buy every week on sale. I actually started out the evening wanting to look through and read quilt blogs to catch up with people and to look for ideas to add to my projects list and ran across this blog $5 Dinners I haven't read through it very far but the first post reminded me of this website for online coupons there is alot of great coupns this week for dog food, cereal, contact lens solution and more check it out. I also found this blog Deal Seeking Mom there are more coupns and things there as well. In reading those 2 blogs I guess I need to searh them more in depth on sundays before I do the grocery shopping for the week.

Fabric Sales and Gift Ideas

While surfing on the internet I found out that Hancock’s of Paduchah has some great deals on Jelly Rolls and other pre cut fabric. But you have to catch them fast because they don’t last. I saw that they had Bistro on sale and when I thought about going back to get it, it was gone.. (frown). I know that I can find it other places online but I really should have never passed up the great deal.. really how often do you find Jelly rolls for $19.

Right now I have a little 2 foot corner to do my sewing because we have moved all my stuff from my apartment to the house and we are still trying to figure out how to re-organize things so that I can have my space and things won’t be so cluttered. I know that we will work it out eventually but its frustrating to know that I have NO IDEA where any of my fabrics and things are. How to be creative when you cant see and feel the fabric I haven’t figure out yet.. smiles. I haven’t complained to much to Keith about it because its hard enough to not know where things are but its even worse to see it all sitting there and not be able to do anything with it because it causes pain to sew. How does that work? The one thing that I really really want to do is painful.. so I have decided to focus on some other things for right now like planning how to organize the craft room that I am supposed to be inheriting later.. smiles. That and Keith and I have decided that we are going to re-organize the pantry so that we can find things fun fun (Not Really).

Just because I don’t have the ability to sew right now doesn’t mean that I haven’t been adding to my stash and to the "some day" projects list. I know that it is only march but at the rate that I am going, I am going to start looking at my holiday projects and decide what I want to do for them since it never seems like I get any of them done.

Has any one looked at the Moda Bake shop? It’s a super cool blog with lots of ideas.. some would be great gift ideas!! Might be some great ideas for stash busters and "Random acts of Quiltiness" gifts.. smiles. Might be some great swap goodies depending on what your looking for too.