Friday, November 21, 2014

Stocking Stuffers Galore at Deja Vue

In looking for goodies to share with all my crafty friends I have come across alot of embroidery design websites that I didn't know about and last week was no different. Thanks to a Facebook friend I found Deja Vue Designs. They have the cutest Christmas goodies.

There are a couple things that stand out as my favorites. Ok I lied there are too many things that stand out for me to even begin listing them here. I have a huge list of things that I want to purchase and this is what I chose this time:

Aren't they cute?? Once I trim them up they will be cute little felt puzzles. In my family we were always allowed to open one thing Christmas eve, it was usually pajamas and maybe a little candy treat. I thought these puzzles would be cute as a Christmas eve play thing.Something that we could do together. They also have adorable Non-Paperdolls. If I had a girl I would be in non-paper doll heaven but I have boys. They do have alot of boy dolls too so there is hope but I'm not going to go crazy until I know if my little guys will enjoy playing with them.

UPDATE: The puzzles have now become a must have. Logan wouldn't sleep last night and we browsed the site and he pointed out all sorts of stuff and could name 90% of the puzzles with out help.

Next up a freebie pattern from Connecting Threads. The The Magic PIllowcase. You can find the pattern here. My local quilt shop had kits by the register and I picked up 2 for the boys. Here they are:

They are both fireman pillowcases because I figured they will one day want the same one. I have got to get my machine humming some more and get things done. I have not gotten as many things as I wanted posted but I am going to try to catch up. Hoping with some new ornaments and things in the works that won't be a problem


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Are you ready for Football!!!

Well today I was looking at some of the designs that I have purchased and I found some that I think that I might try to work on. Having 2 little monkeys 2 and younger running around makes it hard to stitch anything that you really have to pay attention to or that has a lot of color changes. Not to mention they like to push buttons and touch the embroidery arm.

So I came across this:

Perfect for that football fan on your list.. I think this would be just perfect hanging up for the next football or super bowl party, or maybe even to decorate for your little football stars birthday or bedroom.

Next up a really neat Christmas ornament. I am always on the look out for neat ornaments to add to our collection.
This ornament would be great for anyone with kids. You simply add their wish list and the year with your own font and you have an awesome keep sake. Almost like your very own time capsule.
While sifting through pintrest a couple years ago I found a great option for the usual Christmas advent calendar. Instead of filling an advent calendar with candy or toys. Wrap a stack of 25 books and let your kids open a new book every night before bedtime. How exciting would that be? My little guys love books. Infact I put Logan to bed today and he insisted on taking a book with him. When I closed his door he was laying in bed with his cowboy woody reading a book. I couldn't be prouder. On that note why not add a special bookmark to one of the books.
Aren't these the cutest? These and tons of other designs can be found at East Coast Applique. I haven't counted how many crafty things that I have posted about but I know that I am really behind! My little guys keep me hopping that is for sure.

Until the next time....


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brrr... It's Cold out!!

Well I had originally planned on Heading home Tuesday Morning so that I could meet a friend to do some shopping and start working on some more of my holiday projects. But due to this Polar Vortex as the local news is calling it we woke up to this:

And Brrr... Its cold out. I took Maggie out and lets just say that she didn't waste any time going potty so that she could come back in the warm house.

What better way to stay inside and keep warm and enjoy one of these 25 Mug cakes or Microwave Treats.
I was looking through my Pintrest for recipes or crafts to share and this just looked delicious. In fact I have a gift to put together for a special friend and some family members and I think I might put together some ingredients for a couple of these special treats.

Until Later.. Keep Crafting

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Twas the night before....

I have never been a part of a blog hop. I have always thought that I wanted to be a participating member but things always got in the way of posting. I really am going to try to be better about sharing what I have been working on. But in the mean time I found this blog hop called "Twas the night" hop on over to Madam Samm's at Sew We Quilt and she'll give you all the details. In short if your one of those that is found in the sewing room on Christmas eve trying to finish up last minute gifts to put under the tree this hop is for you!!

 I remember what I was stitching last year. My hubby and I waited until the last minute to wrap gifts so I was doing that while Daddy and Grandpa were putting together toys that needed assembly and then after they all went to bed I sat up embroidering stockings to give to my parents.

The design was easy enough I had made several for my husband and his friends using our Navy camo fabric. Our Navy buddies loved them.

 But then I had to play and make a couple more for the boys that we could use for decorations. I think I am going to have to make new ones. Being the stitcher that I am I'm not digging the way the cars are cut off.
You can find this design and a lot of other great things over at Five Star Fonts. They stitch up really fast so they would be great for a family gathering or maybe to hang at work. Have fun!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Busy Busy

Yesterday was a busy day. Before getting ready to go to Grandma and Grandpas house I managed to finish 2 1/2 loads of laundry to include cleaning baby sheets so that they have fresh beds when we get home as well as clean jammies and towels for bath time. I cleaned the dishes and counters so that I have a fresh kitchen when I get home as well.

Last night even after writing my post I was kinda feeling bah humbug!! I have seen such great holiday ideas yet last night I just wasn't feeling it. My husband will be overseas for the holidays and we want to save some of the celebrating for when he gets home but at the same time I want to mail some things out to him so that he feels the holiday spirit but when I went shopping I really didn't see anything that screamed "Mail me!!".

So the hunt continues for treats and goodies to send to Keith and his co-workers. I was reading emails and came across one from Embrotique. It was advertising this adorable couple was features DIME Magazine (Designs in Machine Embroidery):

These cuties I think are even better than the elf on the shelf. Don't get me wrong we have one just like everyone else but these cuties can be personalized to suit your kids and well they are just adorable so you have got to make them!!

We already know that Daddy will be home in time for Valentines day so I purchased this design to put on the list of things for when Daddy gets home:
Nothing like starting and planning early...

Keep crafting!!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

In The Hoop Cuddles

The last couple of days I posted about holiday goodies. Well I am also always on the look out for goodies for my boys. I have had Digitized Creations on Etsy in my favorites for a while they have the cutest cuddle toys that  would be perfect for that new little one one the way. My little guys like to play with things like this as well. They would also make perfect stocking stuffers.

My little Logie Mo is into these Paw Patrol puppies. We have driven all over town to find PJ's, Shoes and toys. While searching online for all of those things I ran across this website OFNAH. I love it!! I was able to make one of her dolls the other day!!
It was fun and pretty easy and you can bet there will be some of these under our tree or in stockings this year.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In Need of a Crafty Break

    What a day it has been. UGH is all I can say and its only 230. I'm hoping after nap time things will be better. The boys were playing well before naps they were just a little cranky. Logan ran all over target today so he should have been tired. I have never wanted a leash for my kid so bad in my life. Smiles.
    I am hoping that writing this post will help me get into the crafty mood and maybe I will be able to get something made tonight. I love quick holiday crafts. Things that I can make a bunch of in a short period of time especially if they make neat gifts for occasions you didn't plan on.

  Embroidery Garden is one of my favorite shops. Last year I made tons of these:

    I love them I made several per sheet of felt and gave them to my family last year and Logan played with them with out the candy canes. I think that there are still some in the toy box. You could even put a 2014 on the body if your family collects ornaments like ours.
    Reen is great at getting the creative juices flowing.. and this year is no different. If your a facebook user she is offering for a limited time to her face book friends these adorable lollipop covers for free!!

    So go ahead and hop on over and check out her facebook site as well as her website. She has some great ornaments and other holiday things and best of all her instructions are AWESOME!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Keeping busy... 50 Days of Holiday ideas!!

    Well in an effort to keep the boys and I busy while Daddy is overseas for the holidays I have decided to find 50 (or more) things to do, make or celebrate for the Holidays. I'm hoping to get some stitching done but with the dynamic duo running around and wanting to touch things on the sewing machine that may not happen.
    Today I found a new to me embroidery design website called Luna Stitches Design Studio. I'll have to admit the first thing that brought me to the website was the design for a snow princess mask but, having 2 little boys and Halloween being over I don't really need something like that right now. Luna stitches has some great appliques and if I can find enough scraps with out having to buy fabric I will be sure to pick up some of those to make some t-shirts or something for the boys.
Right now I'm on the hunt for toys, games and fun things that I can put in the boys stockings and little things that I can add to our holiday box to make next year when daddy is home more special. Luna has definitely done that for me. Check these out!!
 Aren't these just the cutest!! and even better they are on sale!! I don't know how long the sale lasts so purchase them while you still can. I am adding them to my list of things to make. How many did I say? 50 Days right? Well I am going to give you #2 while I'm at it because I know when I am making the drive to and from Mom and Dads that I am just not going to feel up to posting. Lets be honest I haven't been great at posting because I have just been swamped with life.

So now that we have Thanksgiving fun covered in this post how about something winter? Again Luna Stitches has something perfect that will go on the to do list when I have the fabric and time.
I think that these are beautiful and would make a great addition to that ice princess birthday party that some one might be planning. Well that's it for me tonight I have to get going and finish cooking spaghetti for the boys. Nice messy dinner and then baths to calm them before we all settle in for the night.

Until next time Keep crafting!!