Friday, October 3, 2008

No Watch.. Yeah Right

So much for having a fun day surfing the web and dreaming about being at home. I got up early this morning happy to start the day and then the phone in the shop rang... AT1 I need you to stand watch.. I wasn't happy but at the same time I wouldn't change places with the guy whos spot I took for a million dollars. He slipped on a ladder well and broke his wrist.. I would much rather be in one piece standing watch thank you very much.

I did get to go out in town and do shore patrol in the mall.. it was ok.. boring but ok. I bought a couple of little things for my nieces and magazine and when I came back in to the ship stopped at the Hard Rock store on the pier and to my suprise found a couple of really awesome long sleeve t shirts that I just had to have. I have never bought anything for my self from any of the Hard Rocks or Planet Hollywoods that I have stoped at while being over seas and today I found 2 shirts that I just couldn't live with out. I bought a shirt for my brother and one for Keith too.. I hardly ever buy things for my soon to be sister in law is that wrong? I don't know why she just isn't the first person on my mind while I'm out shopping. Usually its mom and dad.. the triplets, grandma and ryan.... and of course the post cards to mail to you guys when I have the time.. LOL.. believe it or not I have alot written just not mailed. Thats not completely the truth either I have looked and looked at thimbles for people but am so afraid that I will forget some one and that I will hurt feelings and I don't want that either.

Well I am going to get to bed here soon it has been a long day.. my bed and the shower are calling for me.. that and Keith is talkin to me in the email.. smiles


Jen said...

Man, it's awesome to hear from you twice in one week!!! HOw fun that you shopped!! Have you found any fabric while you were out?