Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting caught up..

Well this week I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished. Nothing new in the house nothing new sewn. Well that is not completely true.. I finished 2 blocks for a coming home quilt for Keith and then a Halloween towel for my Halloween swap partner. I will wait to post pictures about it when I know that she has received it. I don't think that she reads this but I don't know so I will leave some of it to be a suprise.

I did put together a shelf unit for our closet but have yet to get things organized on it and in looking at things think that I am going to go get another shelf before they are no longer on sale. I should be getting out of work by about 1030 or 11 today since I am only here to help out duty section not to actually stand duty.

I have my list of things that I need to get done before I can settle in for the night and flip on the tv and fight with lilly about eating my thread. Which reminds me I need to stop and get some more. I am currently debating if I want to drive to Fresno or to Visalia today.. I really don't want to make the drive but there are things that I need.
Here are the latest blocks.. Just a few more to go and they will be off to Jill to quilt for me since I didn't get a chance to even learn how to use my frame. Soon though.. Keith will be home and I won't have to worry about re-arranging the house.. LOL


Gina said...

Love the blocks you have made

Love and hugs Gina xx