Thursday, June 24, 2010

Been Busy

Good morning blog world!! How has everyone been doing lately? Things have been busy here in my circle of the world. I have been getting paperwork together to send to the Navy Medical board for them to make a decision as to if I can continue my navy career. The Orthopedic Surgeon believes that they will make the decision to separate me so with that being said I have had several appointments with college counselors. I am currently enrolled in a business course and have been told that it is quite possible that I could graduate with my BS in business with a minor in accounting in 2 years .. less if I work on some transfer courses at the junior college.

Keith is gearing up to start the tedious work up cycle before leaving for deployment so I will be helping him getting ready to go as well as putting together a plan to work on things at the house and my craft things. I'm hoping that if I keep myself fairly busy that the time that he will be gone will go buy pretty fast.

Ok so back to this business class. We have a class project and I think that it will be super fun. We are writing business plans. Keith and I have talked about this off and on and I know what kind of business I am going to write about.. But I need your help... I am going to open a Quilt Shop!! And I need your help deciding what to name it. This is of course just for my class but who knows maybe some day I will be come a successful quilt shop owner and you can say that you helped me name it.. smiles.

Until later,


Reenie said...

Congrats on college!! I say name it Quilty Indulgences

Kelly Ann said...

Your blog title says it all...Country Girls Quilting...

Kristen said...

How about something to do with the bear paw block since you are in CA? Good luck with the college. Too bad you weren't really looking. One of our local shops is closing and what they wouldn't do for a buyer! :)

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