Monday, April 25, 2011

Design wall Monday

What was on my design wall today... well not much of anything until about 30 minutes ago. And technically it wasn't on the design wall it was on the floor. I finished cutting a quilt for a store sample and plan on sewing it this weekend. I have a bunch of things on my list that I want to get done for the store as well as done before Keith gets home. So here is what was on my design wall/ floor today...

Its a small quilt. But a quilt none the less. The pattern can be purchased at Quilter's Quarters. These are some of the post card patterns that we carry from Villa Rosa designs. They are quick and easy patterns.. I have made 2 so far and this is my 3rd. A 4th is in the works.

Well I made it!! Two Days in a row lets see if I can make it 3

Until later!!