Monday, September 21, 2009

Poor Poor Fishy....

Well today I had to send the 2nd of Keiths fish into the fishy after life. The first one I didn't even notice was gone until I went to clean the tank... Ok let me back up a little.. I noticed something was different but couldn't figure out what was missing and figured that I was just feeling guilty for not cleaning it. Keith asked friday if I had cleaned it and I admitted that i hadn't.. when I looked in the tank after talking to him I noticed that one of the other fish was sick.

I'm pretty stupid when it comes to fish so I looked it up on the internet to figure out what the fish had and then how to make it better.. the reported cause for the fish ickys was a dirty tank! My first thought OMG I'm killing his fish!!. So I preceeded to clean the tank and I found some things that we already had to medicate the fish that was sick. easy enough right? Yeah or so I thought... Its really hard to clean a tank while trying to watch a curious Lilly thats hissing at the fish bucket on the floor.. comical I wish some one was here to see it other than me.

Anyway after cleaning the tank I thought good now maybe the sick fish will get better... Mmm ... not so much it spazzed out swimming full speed face first into the glass and the rocks and then upside down.. I freaked out... It layed in the rocks and I thought for sure it was dead.. I went to get the net to scoop him out and he was swimming again .. NORMAL.. this went on the spastic tendencies and then today he finally gave up.. I know that it sounds wrong.. I should have flushed him before but I continued to medicate the tank in the hopes that it would cure him.

The rest of the fish are doing fine.. begging for food as I walk past the tank and then teasing Lilly.. She sits on the floor staring into the tank but hisses at them when they are close enough for her to touch.. What a goober.