Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew in!!!

Ugh... Where to start. I knew that Friday night sew in was this weekend, but thought that I was going to be making the drive to Fallon, Nevada to spend time with Keith. Well as with anything else plans changed and I ended up making that drive last weekend instead of today. So this week I oficially started leave pending seperation from the Navy and I have take the new found time to be lazy of course but also get some much needed cleaning, and organizing.

My goal is to have the house clean an as much of the things that were laying around either put away or thrown away before Keith gets home. I am planning a few nice dinners for when he gets home since shortly after Thanksgiving he will be leaving for deployment.

So lets get to the topic of this post... FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN!!!

So lets all get together and get sewing!! I'm not sure yet what I am going to be working on but I have been cleaning up and making room in the sewing room ALL day.. so after a little more cleaning.. some vacuuming and the some decision making I will be getting to that sewing I have been wanting to do for months!!

Here is a little glimpse of what the sewing room looks like now.. I thought I hd before pictures but I can't find them.. well I am off to clean, eat my dinner, pick a project and sew for the evening ... ENJOY!!


Nanna said...

wish you all the best with that sewing room, I'm in need of finishing up mine too,even down to making curtains that I bought fabric for way way back! LOL

Babs said...

That's awesome! So glad you did this post. I just took my before pictures on Friday night. Jill was coming to quilt Sat and my house was a wreck!!! I had fabric stored in my dining room. I need to post mine too so that it will get my butt in gear and finish!

Glad to see you have a scrap blog too - so do I! Can't wait to see what you post there too :)


Thearica said...

I spring cleaned in the fall last weekend and my sewing room feels soooo clean!

Looking forward to your next visit over at my blog! Lots going on and looking forward to an exciting 2011 with sponsirs and giveaways. :)