Saturday, December 25, 2010

A little (big) set back...

Saying goodbye to Keith didn't go quite as we had planned. The Sunday before he was set to leave I started not feeling well. Monday early morning I thought that I was feeling better but after the drive down to San Diego what ever was bothering me kicked in. That made for a fun ride home by myself let me tell you (Not Really). After about 5 more days and goodness knows how much cold medicine I went into Urgent care to find out that I have Bronchitis again. I just hope that this isn't going to be a December ritual this will be the 2nd December in a row.

As you can imagine I haven't felt much like sewing. I made it to only one half of the christmas workshop at the quilt shop. So I have a really neat Christmas Bargello table runner that isn't finished but it will be before Christmas. I am determined. (Update its christmas and its still not finished but Keith and I will be celebrating everything when he comes home so hopefully by then)

Finals for my classes are this week so I will be focusing on that with a little sewing here and there. I have several swaps that I am behind on and need to get out as soon as I can get them done. (Update finals are done and I have registered for the next semester.. hoping it goes as well as last)

Tonight I still didn't feel much like sewing but I was able to get some FSL Reindeer done for some of my swaps and get some templates cut out for some other projects. (Update that was all I got done with some other things that came up I just didn't make it. Sorry swap buddies I will be sure that what I send is special.. Life just mowed me over this year)


jillquilts said...

What a total bummer!! I hope that you are feeling better now!!

Thearica said...

Hope January is treating you much kinder!

Miss seeing you on my blog! Lots happening this year!