Friday, December 3, 2010


Well with Thanksgiving over and Christmas fast approaching I guess its time to get moving on all those christmas things that I wanted to get done but haven't touched. Though I will have to take a slight pause so that I can finish homework for this week and to say good bye to Keith. This week he will be departing for another deployment and I promised him that I would keep up the sewing so that we might be able to start our own Etsy or Ebay shop with all the things that we have created with the embroidery machine or been able to sew and customize. He's excited and were not looking for much just to make a few extra dollars here and there.

My brother, his wife and my new nephew noah were here yesterday but will be heading back home today. This is what we worked on yesterday so that I could show off my new machine. They are sucker covers:

They work up really fast and easy and can be found at Designs by SiCK Embroidery Library (the link can also be found in my side bar). If you search sucker alot of different designs come up these are just the few that we decided to make.
Then I had ornaments that I had to make for the shop to show for our E-Club (Embroidery Club). If I hadn't mentioned it before I lucked out and got offered a job working at the local quilt shop Quilters Quarters. Its a nice friendly little shop located in Handford California or you can visit us here online. I will be taking over leading E-Club starting in January and cant wait. Here are the ornaments that I made and we will be making at our next E-Club meeting.

You can find these designs at Embroidery Library under minitures or by clicking here. I actually found the instructions here also at embroidery library. In talking to the ladies at the shop we feel that the minatures could be enlarged just a bit and look better in the snow globe. You can do that easily with your embroidery machine or software. I found the plastic ornaments at Michael's Arts and Crafts but I'm sure with a little searching you can find a good deal online as well. The sparkly grass was holiday basket grass that I found at the $1 store. Hope I have sparked you interest!! Happy Holidays!!


Carol said...

The sucker covers are gorgeous.
Hope your husband stays safe through his deployment and that you enjoy your new job.

Paula said...

I like your sucker covers, they are very unique, something that I have never seen before.

I hope the time passes quickly for you while your husband is gone.

Thank you for joining me in my challenge at Paula's Sewing Challenges. Hope you can join in again.


A Girl said...

Love your ornaments! Great Idea!

ButtonMad said...

These Christmas ornaments are ultra cute...