Sunday, May 5, 2013

Do you ever feel like the cleaning is never ending??

I DO!! I have been despirately trying to re-organize my sewing/craft room so that we could convert it into the guest room. The guest room will then be cleaned up and decorated for our new arrival to make his debut the end of July.. Though we don't think that he will wait that long.

I feel like my sewing room is strewn through out my house and that is never what I wanted. I have again this AM started washing fabrics that belong to my guild as they were donated and smell like dust and smoke. It is not easy to get that smell out. I was trying to iron them to perfection so they were ready to use but just can't do it.. the more I stand behind the ironing board the more I swell and then have trouble chasing Logan so I choose Logan.. Smiles. His smile makes the discomfort just a little less noticable.

Today we will be turning Comfort Quilts back over to the guild. I wanted to be the super quilter and super mom but being pregnant with a second its just not happening. It was fun while it lasted but I have to admit it will feel good to just let go. One less thing for me to worry about outside of the house and let me focus on the things that I need to get done here.

So today I am saying good bye to Comfort Quilts and hello to the space in the garage to organize some other things, and to the piece of mind that the other ladies in the guild will be able to do a better job at getting quilts to the people that need them.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Just let it go Heather. Your health and baby's welfare are more important and there are so many other people who should be able to take it from here. Thank you for what you've done.

Cindy said...

Hi Heather. Be good to YOU !