Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Check up and 1 year shots...

Well we may have found the cause of the crankies.. at least for Mogie any way. He is usually so happy but lately he's waking in the middle of the night and is cranky on and off through out the day. The dr today says he may be getting his incisor teeth on the top and that he may also be cutting molars.. WHAT? Molars already? Then to top it off he got 4 shots. Poor little guy.

He and I didn't sleep well last night and he really didn't nap all that well today either, meaning my nap was non exhistant as well. Oh well how can you be upset at a little guy who keeps standing on his head and looking at you through his legs.. Smiles.

I had thoughts of sewing today but just couldn't get it together. I ended up working on cleaning up my little corner here at the back of our kitchen table.. re-organizing my threads to figure out what colors I am low on things like that. I need to make a list of the threads I need and get a order together before I run out in the middle of a project like usual.

Above are the threads that I have yet to rewind and see if there is actually a labeled space for them in my box. I have put on the list of things I want a thread organizer to hang on the wall but due to the fac that we are moving the sewing room (ok probably packing it up) we will have to re think that.

Do you have a special way to display your threads?


Cindy said...

You're in Thread Heaven!! When my kids were small, they'd love to dig in and play with my threads and zippers and then as they got bigger, it was the button stash!
Love your Thread Drawer Cabinet!