Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Favorite Bloogers are busy...

    Keith and I got up early this morning to get him up and headed back to Centennial to go through our storage unit and try to seperate the things that we needed and wanted from our shipment in the apartment so that the things that we knew just wouldn't fit can be put in the back and the things that we want more accessable.
    As I sat here watching him pull out of mom and dads drive I started thinking what next? The boys and mom are sleeping. Keith took our dog Maggie with him because she wont fit in my car between the car seats. She did before we graduated Grayson to a big boy car seat but he has grown so much that he needed the space.
    Today will be spent helping to clean up mom and dads house.. to try to leave things for them closer to the way they were when we invaded back the end of march, beginning of april. Dad is on his way back from California and when he returns I will load the boys up and head down to Centennial so that we can try to get things together at the apartment.
    Apartment living with the boys is going to be a challenge after having a 4 bd, 3 car garage house but if we simplify things we should be fine until we can find our next forever home here in colorado. I started thinking about blogs that I had been following when I actually had the time to sit and read them. For a while I tried to participate in a blog group that had Friday night sew-ins once a month but it seeems that they too have gotten busy with life and not blogged much. That being said I am not going to beat myself up over not having time to blog. If I get time to sit and write a few minutes then great. If not being a good Mommy to my boys and having the ocassional time to my self is okay with me.
     That being said I would like to have a Friday or Saterday sew in with my blogland friends. I hope to be working on some holiday projects but first I need to find my materials in the mess of moving boxes at the apartment. Sewing/embroidery machine... Check. The rest of it well I'll let you know... Lets plan on having a get together the 19th or 20th. For now that weekend is open for us, Keith will be back from a business trip.. if I plan it right dinner will be ready when we walk in from the airport... Yup lets plan for that weekend to get a little crafting time in.


Moneik said...

Welcome back. I haven't had much chance to blog at all. Where in CO will you be? We have a campus in Centennial, but I haven't been there yet.