Monday, April 21, 2008

Strip Quilts

Today I desided to look online to see what other 2 1/2" strip patterns there were out there, I know about the ones shown on That is the store that I frequented while I was in San Diego. I love their patterns they are super easy and fun and they even have their own strip tube ruler ..I know that this isn't a great picture but I haven't gotten mine yet so I can't take an actual picture of the ruler. Here is a discription of how to use the ruler and how it works.. It's a great idea really makes alot of the strip club patterns work up super easy too.

I also found some great patterns on another site that I thought that I would pass on to everyone. Alot of them are quilt as you go patterns which are pretty neat. So if your looking for some quick gifts and things for friends, family, and co-workers check out GE Designs Iceland .