Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday was the typical Monday!! I drove all the way over to the base to realise that I had forgotten my ID card at home and couldn't get on the base. Yeah so I had to drive the 30 minutes back to my house to get my things and then back to school missing PT because I was too late. I went in to renew my id and they were too busy (strike 3) and then I got a talking to from the Chief in the school house to remember my medical appointment. At this point I was wishing that I hadn't even gotten out of bed.

So today I went to the medical appointment (that they reminded me of 100 times), renewed my id card and thought (key word) that I would have a peaceful lunch at the coffee shop on base. Guess who was there and made it a point to stop and ask me if I had gone to medical.. Yeah the same chief.. My thoughts were "respectfully I am a first class PO I don't need to have my hand held to get to the dr" You tell me to be there and I will be. Ugh .. So I thought that I would make my yearly appt at the GYN and then go and tell chief all about it since it seems that he has to make sure that he knows things... ha ha ha

Mom and dad were here this weekend.. I am having some issues getting motivated I thing I commented on that the other day. I hate it I feel like I am tired and Blah.. all the time. I did iron some fabric yesterday maybe that is a sign that things are going to turn around and I'll have all sorts of ambition.

I have started putting together a list of all the things that I need to get together when I have to fly out in June.. you know the required things uniforms and such. Here's my question to everyone if you had to leave home (and couldn't take your sewing machine.. No room) what would you take with you? You know the comfort things like a special blanket or PJ's.. what would have to go with you?

Some things I am going to have to pack and have mom mail to me because I just don't want to carry it through 15 different airports and then through the carrier too. She will mail it straight to the carrier.. and then they will probably be on the peir when I get back to help me carry stuff off. I am talking to my brother to see about putting movies on an external hard drive so that I don't have to carry a load of those either.

Oh I thought that I would be ambitious and work on some cross stitch but I have made almost no progress working on those at school so I might rethink that and take some smaller ornaments that I can actually finish in the near future.


Carol Van Rooy said...

Boy the conversation you could have had with the cheif about the GYNO... that would have been priceless.

Hope things turn around for ya... it's been a long haul and you really need a break.

Moneik said...

Good luck with the packing. I'm not sure what I would take with me. Too bad you can't take a machine!

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Hope your week gets better. Not sure on the packing...I like to have a good book and something small to keep my hands busy - cross stitch is easy to pack and bring.