Saturday, August 2, 2008

Checking in

Good Morning Everyone!!

Well morning time wise but really evening for me. I'm working night shift now supposed to be from 6pm to 6am but I'm usually in the shop about 2pm.. makes for long hours but I'm hopping that time will pass faster that way.

I took care of the crud just like everyone said.. we stopped in another port and I came down with round 2 of the crud. Luckily Keith mailed me some cough medicine and throat lozenges. I have gotten goodie boxes from he and mom so far and they make life just that much better.. Something to smile about after a hard days work.

I already can't wait to go home.. have been out here about a month and really just want to be able to sleep in my own bed and smell the coffee brewing that Keith programed for me the night before. He's such a sweet heart.. He sent me all sorts of goodies to share with the guys and then a really great card to go along with it. Yesterday he emailed me a picture of what he got in the mail. I had been writing letters to him and they all showed up at one time.. go figure.

Other than that nothing much is going on here.. Keith keeps in contact with my mom on the computer while I am gone which is really cool.. they enjoy talking to each other.

Gotta Run! Talk to you later


Michelle said...

Hello Heather!
Thanks for stopping in for a visit. We all think about you daily on the POQ group, and are thankful for what you are doing.

Take care of you, and thank YOU for taking care of us.

Moneik said...

Thanks for the update. We really enjoy hearing from you. We know nyou are doing great work for us and we miss you. We think about you daily.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

We all miss you so much and are counting the days until you're back with all of us. It's good to know that you're doing OK. Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping us safe.