Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slow Evening

Well tonight has been pretty slow.. Not much going on. I would love to report that I have done alot of cross-stitching today but I haven't done much of that either. I ordered two kits off the Magic Quilt web site a couple weeks ago and am waiting for those to show up.

If you have never seen the Magic Quilt website you should check it out. They are pretty neat kits. You start out with a foam board with a picture cut in to it. The kit comes with the fabric to tuck in to the foam and just like that you have a wonderful quilt like wall hanging. There were 2 sea shell pictures that I ordered for my sister-in-law. This year I have my older brother Sean and his wife Christy for Christmas exchange. I have a tropical fish quilt top at home that I hope to get quilted for my brother Sean and then those pictures for Christy. I hope that they are received well.

Well that is about all that is going on here.. Hope all is well.


Moneik said...

You're definately keeping busy and I'm sure they will love those pictures. I have seen them before.