Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Well after several months of not feeling well and having absolutely no sewing or embroidery mojo at all I actually sat down to the embroidery machine. Mom and I have been sitting here watching TV together and I have been watching her crochet and knit all sorts of things since she has been here. But a couple days ago she realized that she hadn't made her traditional ornaments to hand out to the family at Christmas and most of her patterns were at home. She had a few here and was having trouble with the one that she wanted to do so I told her that I would help her. It really is amazing what you can find when you actually read your emails. I get tons of embroidery advertisements and rarely have the time to browse them but this time I fouind some great ornaments to make for mom to give to the family. Here is a peak:

Its not the greatest picture but it was the best I could get. There are a couple embelishments that I need to finish but other than that I think that they look great. I hope that the rest of the family likes them as much as Mom and I do. Those worked up so easily that we then picked out these:

Aren't they super cute? They are little gingerbread men. Then while we were thinking about it Mom says but then the girls (triplet granddaughters/ neices) will want their own ornaments and we had only planned on making one per family. No problem I had the perfect solution.. Tiny Christmas trees that had hidden Hershey Kisses. So I proceeded to try to make those as well. Here they are:

And here is what it looked like before we laced the ribbon through to close them up. They were super easy and look great!

Well I hope that everyone else was as productive as we were. Hoping that Saterday will bring the same. Until later...


Regina said...

I don't have access to embroider, but wonder if i could do the same kiss holder with some felt or fused fabrics or something... any kind of template/pattern anywhere for that shape???