Friday, March 7, 2008

Tonights sewing..

Well I know I said in my last post that I was having trouble getting my butt sewing. Well I guess I have gotten a little start. I pulled out uniforms to get ready so that I could check in to the base tomorrow and realised that they didn't have the correct rank sewn on them and well I'm not about to pay $5 plus the cost of the patch to have some one else sew them on. So I saved my self $5 by sewing them on myself.. I only did the uniform I need for tomorrow and will do the other couple of uniforms tomorrow or sunday. Yes I waited to the last minute.

So that was my sewing for the evening. Did I tell you that I got my Miranda bag pattern in the mail today? Along with the pajama quilter and perfect pouches!! I am am really excited about these patterns.

Oh and Thursday I went to a guild meeting! I meet some really great people.. and I am going to start sewing tops for a charity called "We care quilts". They are actually having a sew-in on National Quilting day March 15th! I brought a kit of fabric home from guild with me and am not sure yet what to make out of it.. the girls told me to make it easy.. hmm..

Well I am getting the starts of a headache so that must mean that it is time to hit the pillow..