Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a week

Wow reading everyone elses posts it seems that everyone is having a super fantastic week like me.. NOT.. Jen sewed her finger, Jill has flooding... I won't even go into the adventures that I have gone through this week. All I will say is that I have run back and forth to the Admin office to try to straighten out pay, enlistment extension, re-enlistment and enlistment bonus issues. All I can say is my brain hurts.

I haven't had much time to blog or sew and I have spent alot of time sleeping.. My mom says that its obvious that I need the sleep I guess maybe I'm trying to catch up for all the sleep that I have been missing.

I do plan to sew this weekend though.. I have big plans infact. I actually wrote out a blog in my notebook one night at school and never got around to typing it in to the computer and now its too late to ask for ideas. I try to give my family little goodie bags or just goodies in general for the holidays because I miss so many of them while I'm deployed so I guess I try to make up for it everywhere else. This weekend is easter and I was trying to think of what I could use instead of a basket because baskets just get tossed in the garbage after a couple of weeks so I wanted to give something useful. I ended up deciding on making pillowcases for Ryan (my brother) and Amanda (a friend from San Diego), they are both coming up to see me and spend the weekend. My brother is bringing me a few things from moms and I can't wait to see them. He was pretty excited about them.

Well I guess I am going to get ready and head to school. Today is a PT day and I have to be there at 2. Sorry this post had absolutely no direction.. That is about how I have felt for the last few days even though I make notes and try to follow my schedule and list nothing has gone that way. Today and tomorrow for school and I'll have a 3 day weekend... I will try to re group and thenstart new next week.


Carol Van Rooy said...

I'm sure you'll feel better after some much deserved rest.

Moneik said...

Hopefully you get things straightened out and you can have some rest, relaxation and sewing this weekend!

Amelia said...

So glad to hear from you...was beginning to wonder what was going on in your corner of the USA.

Enjoy your time with your brother and friend this weekend.

Amelia ~ in Oklahoma

Gina said...

I know it's a bit late but Corry on

has a great tutorial for gift bags.

love and hugs xxx