Thursday, May 29, 2008

More help...

I have this fabric and have no idea how to use it. I want to cut it for a quilt or something of the sort but haven't found a pattern that says "ME ME ME". So here I am asking for advice to see what you might think.

Yes its more spongebob .. I don't quite get it but he likes it. Well likes spongebob he hasn't seen this fabric yet. I guess this would be comparable to my younger brother liking scooby doo:
Here are the other fabrics I thought would contrast well:

Now to find a pattern with squares big enough to not destroy the sponge bob pattern. Thanks in advance


Jen said...

what about a snowball block? You could make them whatever size you'd like and then just sew squares on the corners, iron them back and they look like triangles. So like a 6 inch square and then maybe 2" squares for in the corners with the accent colors. Use those triangles to form a pattern with the color.

Gina said...

How about fussy cutting the Sponge Bob's and using them as a centre to a Log Cabin type block.

love and hugs xxx

Moneik said...

I think the Yellow Brick road has some great ability for the big pieces. Maybe only make the block with the 6 1/2" strip and accent with the other two. Or do a quilt like Nancy did with big squares and then strip blocks that form another pattern around the blog. She's on the blog ring and I love that pattern.