Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well I didn't get any sewing in yesterday just couldn't get motivated to start cutting things. Today though as long as my brother and his fiancee don't want to do anything to exciting then I will cut pillowcases and possibly some other fabric for a quilt. Maybe Ryan can find the fabric that I seem to have lost.. LOL

I am hoping that my brother and his fiancee decide to just chill out and hang watch movies etc. They wanted to go to the cheese factory and that I'm sure would have been fun but I'm just not feeling the site seeing thing this time. It has been raining off and on and I just want to sit home and sew or watch tv.

I still have to get some pictures up on here of my challenge block and the pin cushions from the pin cushion swap. I would just really love some mindless sewing today you know just a bunch of straight lines with no thought at all.


Amelia said...

At times we all need some mindless type sewing...we can see results but don't have to endure a lot of serious or tedious involvement.

Have a fun time!


Moneik said...

Hope you got to do some mindless sewing. I know I like to do that every once in a while.