Thursday, July 8, 2010

12 Days of....

Well summer of course!! I know the last post was all about December and I promise not to beat you up with the holiday countdown yet. But I have still got to blog and get those creative ideas flowing or the holidays will roll around and I will have nothing completed and I will keep myself up to the wee hours of the morning trying to complete things.

Last year I gave Keith goodies for the 12 days of xmas. Mind you they had nothing to do with the actual 12 days it was just like his little advent calendar leading to our first Christmas as a married couple. Keith seemed to be more excited about the special ornaments that he got and I liked to see him smile like a little kid as he put the ornaments on the tree. So this year I will be on the look out for some more of those special ornaments because those I can pull out everyday and snap a picture and send it to him while he is gone. I thought that we could pull the small tree out and put it on the table to decorate for our celebration when he comes home.

So with that in mind are there some special ornaments that you have made for your family that you could share with me? Have you seen any neat ornaments online? Let me know... and I will keep you posted as to what I find or make. This is I think #1 on the list.. (Isn't it cute?)

They didn't have a female sailor though so I will still be on the look out for that. You can find the above ornament at Ornament as well as several other adorable ornaments for your pets, anniversaries etc.


Regina said...

Last year I rediscovered a pattern from when I was a kid to make felt
horses to slip candy canes into. I am working up a tutorial for it - and plan to make a bunch for the Munchkin's kindergarten class - his whole preschool class got them, too.

There are some fun patchwork shape ornaments, too - and some with little pockets that you could include a note or remembrance of that year or what was happening when that ornament was given. We have one that has a little tag and was given to us the day of the Munchkin's first real steps.