Thursday, July 1, 2010

There are people out there looking for heros....

Good afternoon bloggers! I hope that everyone is having a good Thursday. I know that mine feels like it has been really long.

So I was looking for some ideas on the internet and ran across an interesting website. Its called Wish upon a Hero. Now if you haven't seen this site before its really pretty neat. You'll have to read all about it at the link posted above but its all about caring for others and letting people out there know that you care. If you choose to join the site you will of course have to create a login but having a log in allows you to 1.) Make a wish for everyone to see that maybe some one out there will have the ability to make it come true. and 2.) grant wishes to other people to show them that you care.

Its really easy some wishes are as simple as I wish for ideas of things to send my husband on deployment (this is how I found the site) and then others are actually items like a lady wished for someone to help build a fence in her yard for her foster puppies.

Now with most of my friends being crafty type people and I have never known any of you to not help some one in need if you can. I'm passing on this website. It could be something as simple as a card to let some one know that you care.. smiles

How about it? anyone interested in becoming some ones hero with me?