Friday, July 9, 2010

Christmas in July

Well I have seen several Christmas in July Sales and things going on online so I don't feel so bad about my holiday post yesterday. I have decided to do some searching on the net for some ornaments that I could make up and put away. Here is the first...

The pattern for this cute little star can be found at I can see so many things that can be done with this.. like instead of a straight stitch hem a cute embroidery stitch. Or maybe an embroidered name? Oh and if you stitch them cross point to cross point they would be a cute banner or garland... Just changing the fabric would give you different looks as well.

For those out there that love snowman here's an adorable snowman made out of terrycloth:

This one will take a little more time than the star but its still really cute and I don't see why you couldn't use some left over fleece. Pattern for the snowman can be found here.

If your like me not only do you sew but you do a wealth of other crafts so for the crocheters out there I found this:

As a kid I remember having crochet candy canes on the tree. These aren't exactly like the ones that we had but nothing is like mom makes right? Mom is always unique and special in her own way. The pattern can be found on the Learn to Crochet site.

Here is a Mini christmas Stocking. Again we had stockings on our tree as a kid but they were knit and not crochet.

This one would be cute in reds and greens or maybe blues and silvers? You could put a couple of mini candy canes in it. If you can crochet grannie squares your golden. You can find this pattern here

Well this is a start. I unpacked and re-organized my yarn last weekend and I think that I have some green and red with silver through them and some white yarn that would be perfect. Well I hpe that I have given others some ideas.

This weekend will be spend putting away somethings.. 2 boxes is the goal.. writing out baby shower invites for my sister in-laws baby shower and possible working on some goodies for that. First I have to wait for the water heater repair guy and then another repair guy that I am going to leave secret since mom reads this. After that the weekend is mine.


orchidlover said...

great makes. I love the little snowman

Love and hugs Gina xxx