Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did you know?....

That there is only 168 days until christmas? Well for the rest of the world anyway. For my family its about a month shy of that. We plan on celebrating a bit early so that we can include Keith before he leaves for deployment. It will be just a little celebration probably between my parents and Keith and I.

Never the less.. I have been having issues to get motivated to do or make anything so I guess the time would be to start working on things now so that some of my projects will be ready before he leaves. I assume that he and I will do some celebrating when he comes back from cruise as well because we will have missed Valentines, his birthday, Easter and my birthday as well as Christmas and New Years. Not exactly sure what I am going to do for them but I have almost a year to figure some of it out.. Smiles.

So I guess I'm here to figure out where to start. My projects for this year need to be kind of simple so that I can get them done. Not to mention he will be gone alot between now ans when he actually deploys so I can work on them while he's gone and it will be a suprise. So what should I make? I'm thinking about making a valance from car/ nascar fabric to put above the garage window... What do you think? Last year I gave him some craftsman chairs and a craftsman table that looked like this...

I think that making a valance for that window would sort of complete his man cave out in the garage what do you guys think? There are some of the old metal signs that we have picked up various places for the walls and I am going to look into a nice clock for the wall.