Monday, October 24, 2011

Very Unproductive Monday

Last night was a rough night I was pretty sick though were not exactly sure why. It pretty much has ruined the best of my Monday since I am still feeling the aftermath. I slept extra today since I didn't sleep well last night and have tried to eat things today that would calm the acid reflux but nothing has seemed to work. Tonight I am going to have a bake potato for dinner because it is on the safe to eat list.

The last couple hours I have been scanning through the Moda Bake Shop website and have found so many great things. As I mentioned in my last post I want to try to complete 1 Christmas project a month until next christmas and have decided to start looking for my projects now. Its too late for this year but I might get some good end of season sales.

The first on my list are some Christmas placemats using the "Table Graces" pattern.

If you haven't seen the pattern it is super easy and can be adapted for just about any holiday. Keith and I picked up fabrics for a fall/ Halloween set and a bright and cheery Christmas set. The intention was to get those cut out and kitted up so that when I was up to sewing I could sew away but was just not feeling up to doing any of that today.

I look forward to all of my up coming holiday projects even if most of them are just in my dreams at this point.