Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Organizing for Baby...

Today I found myself very frustrated with the fact that I have yet to get things organized for the arrival of little guy #2 as well as wishing that my munchkin's closet was more organized. We have found that we put him in the same clothes all the time and miss out on some really cute outfits. So as I was folding some clothes that I got from my brother and sister in law I decided that I need to make better use of my closet organizers and hangers.

I have decided to make new size organizers for Mogie and little guy #2. In the past I made some for my nephew Noah but have never made them for us. So this has been put on our list of to dos before #2 gets here.
The designs that I used to make organizers for my nephew can be found here at Designs by Sick.

They were fast and easy but I want ours to be different than theirs. I think I may use some that can be found at NewFound Applique at least for one set and then I think I may change it a little so that I can make them different for both boys.

What did you stitch today?


Cindy said...

How darned cute!! And where, pray tell, do you get all that sewing/embroidery time? LOL Hugs.