Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CTTY embroidery...

Well with a new outlook on the week and my heart set on completing goals this month, let me tell you about CTTY. I joined a group call Christmas Through The Year (CTTY). Each month we have a goal of completing one item to put in our christmas box whether it be decorations for your house or gifts for your family and friends. These goals are set in the hopes that there won't be marathon sewing taking place christmas eve night and that you too can relax and enjoy your holiday.

When I read about this my thought was "Count me in". This last year I was extremely sick for the holidays trying to make the best of Logan's first Christmas. This next year will be our new little ones first Christmas and I really want to be able to wake up Christmas morning and feel as rested as you can with an infant and toddler in the house but know that Santa came to visit and mommy didn't have to stay up all night helping him.

So in an effort to work on my sewing/embroidery goal of 50,000 stitches and CTTY for the month of April. I decided to work on some of these:

We are not sure if we will have company for Christmas this year but I want to get some special things done that can be used for stocking stuffers for the women of course. I don't think any of the men in our family read much of anything other than magazines.


Cindy said...

GREAT idea!! Who doesn't love a lace bookmark? Enjoy!!