Sunday, November 1, 2009

Projects in progress and upcoming Thanksgiving

While Keith was deployed I kept looking at the Twilight Frost tree skirt in the connecting threads catalog. Finally I wrote him and sent him a picture and asked him what he thought. He told me that he liked it and so that was that I had to have it. It arrived in the mail while mom was staying with me but because we were busy getting things ready for Keith it was put away. I recently pulled it out, seperated all the fabric and it has all been cut and prepared to sew together. Can you believe that the hard part is done and yet I still haven't sewn anything.. How frustrating. There are peices currently up on my make shift design wall and I hope that after the commad potluck I will have the time to sit and sew.

I have come up with so many christmas ideas for Keith some of them that aren't going to work out this year and then others that I have been putting things away for, for a while now. This weekend I hope to be able to organize and figure out what I have left to get so that I won't have to worry about it.

We were working on planning our menu for Thanksgiving but have decided to order a Turkey meal from Omaha Steaks. Its already been ordered and we recieved it. There should be enough for us to have a nice meal and then to have sandwiches the next couple of days. There were a few side dishes that didn't come with the meal that we are going to cook. I might try to make some rolls with the bread machine I'm not sure yet though.