Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on Doctors and other things.

Well where to start?? We are finally getting some where with the doctors and my arm pain. Tuesday I had an appointment with the neurologist here in town and she performed an EMG nerve conduction study on my arm. This is nothing new it was actually the 4th time that they have done it twice before the surgery once last year when i returned from deployment and then a couple days ago. The last one was more indept than any of the other procedures that I have had done and they found out that the nerve that the doctors have already moved once is either still being pinched or pinched again by scar tissue. Either way we have some answers.

We are not sure yet if they are going to decide to do surgery.. I have some more follow up appointments.. and if they do we have no idea when but assume that it will be sooner rather than later because of the chance of further damage.

So in light of that I have started to get my special christmas things together because I know what happened the last time I had surgery. The last time I had surgery in October and still had a removable cast in January. I have put together gifts for the "12 Days of Christmas" for Keith and think I am still missing a few. Most of them are just special ornaments and then I will have to fill in the missing days but I think it will be fun.

Keith still hasn't figured out how to find my blog so I will be able to post them here to show everyone and share.. it will be fun!


jillquilts said...

I'm so glad that they finally figured out what the issue was! I can't believe that they didn't check that in the first place if that was what the problem was before!! And you had better get all of your holiday stuff done! LOL