Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nancy Halvosen

How many of you out there are like me and LOVE Nancy Halvorsen's designs? I love them and everything about them, the colors the fabric designs as well as her patterns. I love it all. A few years ago I bought the Peppermint & Hollyberries book and that stared it all. I currently have all the FQs to make the reindeer quilt (shown on the back of the book) and have had them since I purchased the book but have yet to do anything with it. Then along came Star of Wonder, 12 Days of Christmas, and this year I believe in Santa.. all books that I have purchased and yet to do projects out of.

Keith has also looked through the books and pointed out the things that he liked and well, they have in turn been added to the infamous list of "THINGS/ PROJECTS TO DO". It seems as though things are always added to the list and very rarely do things get finished to take off the list. Maybe that will have to be my new years resolution.. Its going to be that or Keith has threatened to send me to fabric buyers anonymous. Ha ha ha.. who's coming with me? It will be like a sewing bee or something like that.. a guild maybe?

Oh and did I mention that there is a new book out? Called "Sew Necessary"? All sorts of things to organize your sewing space.. and yes I will have to purchase that one too!

How many of you out there have started the Christmas Count down? Have started working on christmas projects? I would like to say that I have done the second and am trying to ignore the first but that is not happening for either of them!! With the upcoming Doctors appointment and the possibility of another surgery possibly just before or just after christmas in my head Christmas is too close!! and needs to be pushed back a couple of months.

Keith and I have purchased several of the ceramic houses and shops from the Lemax 2009 Christmas Village. If you have a chance check them out they are super neat. We purchased christmas lights to put up on the house.. that can be programed to flash different sequences (sort of) that is another story for later. We have a couple new ornaments one for our first year being married and on with an eagle and the flag. Then there is the christmas shopping... I have purchased a few things for him, some special 12 Days of Christmas goodies that I will post here when I figure everything out and can get pictures (he won't know he still doesn't know how to get to my blog) some other odds and ends and then one other thing that I put on layaway at sears for 2 reasons... 1 so that I knew that I had it and it wouldn't be sold out before Christmas and 2. so that I could take advantage of the 30 day return policy incase he wants something different. I didn't want to buy it now and then have something be wrong with it and not be able to return it.

So anyway today when I get home from work will be yet another non creative day. Unless you consider baking breads for the Divisional potluck tomorrow being creative. I still have banana and zuchinni breads to mix and bake and Keith is going to make ziti for me to take in the crockpot.