Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew in!!

Friday was February's Friday night sew in!! A group of quilters online have come together to support and encourage each other to sew and be creative. You don't even have to sew per say. Last month for Friday night sew in Keith and I folded and re-organized some of my fabric stash as it was the only thing I could do after surgery and you know we had fun.

This time my brother and sister in-law will be in town visiting but the plan is for them to help me grocery shop and then have a nice relaxing evening at home. Pizza and movies for dinner and just be able to enjoy our time together. I'm hoping that I can steal a few minutes (ok longer because of my arm) away so that I can finish some pillows that I have been promising my brother for almost 2 years now. I figure if I finish them then he can take them home as an early birthday present.
Things didn't work out quite as I had planned. I didn't sew Friday or Saturday but I did get those pillows done for Ryan. Only one went home with him because the second wasn't quite ready for him to take home. I didn't really like the way parts of it came out but he loves them and doesn't want me to redo them. I guess thats all that matters. I have lots of other Dale Jr fabric to make things for him but I think those are going to be put on hold for a little while. Keith and I found out Friday that we are going to be an Aunt and Uncle. My brother and his wife Molly are going to be having their first baby.
The second is a picture of one of the finished pillows with its proud owner and soon to be new Pappa. He refused to let me take a picture where you couls actually see his face. The pillows are huge and can be used to sit on the floor. He wanted them when we were all sitting on the floor at his house playing video games. He had his own room/ office where he would play games and use his computer. They have since decided that the game room is going to be the babies room so I'm not sure that they have a need for these pillows BUT its a couple UFO's completed and fabric that I can count towards my stash report since they haven't been counted in previous reports.
Hope that everyone had a productive weekend and has a great week. Until later...