Friday, February 5, 2010

Mail call!

Good evening everyone! Well I have been really bad about updating my blog. I'm having a rough day today.. my arm is irritated and I tried to take a nap but the meows decided that they weren't going to let that happen. Keiths kitty (Sandy) Kept licking my face particularly my eye lids and I couldn't stand it any more so I came out to the living room and Thelma decided to climb all over me. Shes not usually the persistent kind so I took that as the sign that I wasn't going to sleep.

A few days ago.. Monday or tuesday I got loads of things in the mail from some ebay auctions, a blog give away, Regina, and the Cozy quilt shop (yes more fabric but I can explain).

First I want to say thank you thank you to Regina. I received a little notebook, fat quarter, thread and a hand made card for her pay it forward gift. So yes the next post that I write will be to follow through with my pay it forward responsabilities. Keep an eye out so that you can be one of the first 3 to sign up.

The blog give away was a great little stampin up photo album and some paper to go in it. I plan on using it to make a little photo album of our wedding pictures to be able to put on our coffe table or the shelf behind our couch. I also recieved some pencils and a note pad that will happily find their place on my desk, or in my sewing room when I get them both cleaned off.

The ebay auctions were un-important at this point they were rubber stamps that may be used in projects and scrapbooks to come. I got some really cute christmas stamps that will be perfect for some christmas cards for next year.

Last but not least I got my first installment of this years Thimbleberries Block of the month. I am pretty excited about this one. I am working long distance with the shop in San Diego on this one. They decided to do the Dusk version of the quilt but I have debated getting the fabric for one of the other versions as well. Are you working on the 2010 Thimbleberries block of the month? Leave me a comment and we can motivate each other to finish our monthly obligations. This month is pine trees!