Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Weekend!!

Ok as many times as I have said it before and it never happens I am setting some goals for this weekend.. Keith has decided that he is going to work on the yard and wash cars and what not so I am going to do something that will help to organize my sewing room.. Yeah its a mess, for as organized as I had gotten it before mom came to help .. we crammed a bunch of things in there before Keith git home to get them out of the way.

So this weekend I am going to write my list and actually post it to my blog to maintain some sort of accountability for things. I am going to fix my blog and actually publish the posts that have been sitting waiting on pictures or for me to finish writing them, and I am going to fix my 100 blocks in 100 days thats on the side of my blog.

The group that was working on the 100 blocks has since disbanded so I have some other goals that I am going to keep track of instead. I have an up coming Christmas swap that I am going to be working on for a secret friend.. well not really secret we know about the swap but all the goodies are secret and I am going to put out some teasers.. smiles. Also there was one other friend that had signed up for the swap but due to prior commitments we didn't get enough participants and I want to send her a little suprise .. just because.. I hope that it will make her smile.. I might even have a family member mail it from some where so that it really is a suprise.

So I am off to make my list and start getting it typed to put on the blog.


jillquilts said...

Doesn't it suck how sometimes the best laid plans get pushed to the side? At least I won't have that problem anymore since I am not working at the shop!! Woo hoo!!!