Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No sewing Tuesday:

Well Yesterday was a no sewing day. I have lots of things to do but when I got home I was so cold that I took a hot shower, put on some warm clothes and snuggled up in blankets. Mean while Keith was roasting in the house. It has not been super cold here the usual cold for this time of year but we haven't seen the sun in a couple weeks between the rain that we had and the fog/ over cast that never seems to go away. Its left me with this bone chilling cold that I just can't get rid of. Makes me want to not get out of bed in the morning and if I do not leave the house.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Wednesday!

I guess the having trouble sleeping does sometimes lead to good ideas. Keiths birthday is in February (the 11th to be exact) and being so close to Christmas I was having trouble coming up with a gift idea. Well some where between last night and this morning I had a great thought! He has off and on read about "Geocaching" and talked about that it might be fun but has never actually gone out and done it. If you have never heard of "Geocaching" its basically the modern day treasure hunting using a hand held GPS tracker. Sounds simple enough right? But you never know what obsticals are going to be between you and that treasure.

Well that is all that I have for this morning. Hope that everyone is having a great day