Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday already and Frustrated!! Ugh

Though I'm sure that Keith is not saying "Wow its thursday already" that is the thought that went through my head this morning. Actually the first thought through my head this morning was where the heck is my registration for my truck. It never got mailed from Colorado in the first place. I called on it and then priority mailed a check to a lady name Pat who said that she would take care of it in a timely manner (after asking me why I can't just come into the office and take care of it.. Duh active military not living in the state). It has been sitting at the PO box since the 11th and still my check hasn't been processed, nothing has been mailed back to me as being wrong.. What the heck?? So when my parents are awake I am going to call dad and see what he is up to this weekend.

He wanted to drive to colorado to fix this in the first place and I talked him out of it. Looks like we may have to go anyway since the trucks registration expires in 4 days. Ugh I am so mad. I told the lady once it was expired that I could no longer get on the base since I had no proof that I had recieved the card so that I could make copies of it and the check that I sent back.. So the truck will sit.. The lady is lucky I have another vehicle at this point or I probably would have been on the phone to her supervisor a long time ago!!