Monday, October 17, 2011

A case of the monday ickys

Well today has not gone as I had intended. I wanted to finish my 4 Patches and get those and Noah's Halloween costume out in the mail but am just not feeling up to it. Yesterday Mom and dad stopped by to bring back my car and there were some baby things that Mom made that she wanted to be sure that Keith got to see before he leaves in November. So they were here for a little visit and we celebrated Dad's birthday with a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake from coldstone.

I was up early this morning to bake some cinnamon rolls for breakfast for the 4 of us. Mom helped me put together a pot roast in the crockpot as Keith was getting ready to leave for work. Sortly after Mom and Dad cleaned up and packed to head back to Colorado. The pregnancy ickies have kicked in so I am just feeling horrible. I have been told that when you are sick during pregnancy that means that you are going to have a healthy baby. I sure hope that is the case because I have felt so yucky.

But on a better note I have found a fellow blogger that for many more reasons can be an inspiration and sure left a bright spot in my day. I started out looking for quick and easy quilts for many reasons but mostly because I want to be able to sew something ANYTHING and at the same time I want to have something to show for it. I wanted to have quilts and things done for the arrival of our new baby and figured if it wasn't simple and fast it wasn't going to happen.

Michele Bilyeu of With Heart and Hands is fantastic! If you have a chance to look at her blog she has done alot of charity work, art quilts and has even done some fabric dying. She has tons of links for free quilt patterns and a very motivational statement about how she copes with her mothers Alzhiemers. If you are a supporter of Project Linus she has some great ideas.